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Zooey set to join Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Granblue Fantasy: Versus’ fifth and final DLC character for it’s Season One Pass is Zooey, the ‘Arbiter of the Skies’.

We were made aware back in December of the first DLC wave hitting Granblue Fantasy Versus and the first four characters we’d be seeing, with the fifth being kept secret. Now, we got the reveal of the DLC character who will join the roster as the fifth of the first season pass. The game currently has two season passes planned with each containing six characters. Now, it seems Zooey will mark the end of the first season pass and will be followed by Belial for the second.

In a DLC color pack listing, Zooey was supposedly getting some additional costumes. Her official reveal was for a March 8 Livestream event. That would be celebrating the sixth anniversary of the Granblue series. Zooey will be joining the ranks of Beelzebub (who can be obtained for free by finishing the RPG mode). Narmaya, Soriz, and Djeeta. Sharing a smaller stature similar to Charlotta, players see her as the “Arbiter of the Skies” in Granblue lore. She is a kind, caring person that tries her best to bring balance to the world.

So, this is no big surprise to people who know the Granblue Fantasy series well, seeing as she’s an immensely popular character in the source material. On top of that, she already has a fully rendered model in Granblue Fantasy Versus’ RPG mode — something a few other characters like Rackam and Io also do, but Zooey’s popularity is on a completely different level from them. It remains to be seen when we’ll see our first gameplay footage of Zooey or indeed when she’ll release. But given Soriz and Djeeta’s stated April release we may well see her come May.

What are Zooey’s gameplay mechanics?

As for what to expect with her gameplay mechanics, that remains to be seen. With dragons at her disposal, she’ll likely have a style similar to Ferry from the main roster. Playing keep away and spacing seems appropriate given the more agile nature that Zooey possesses. Or perhaps she’ll end up being a powerhouse. Who can say? Either way, we can expect to see the new fighter during the Granblue Fantasy 6th anniversary livestream this weekend. In other related news, update 1.11 for the game has also had a release. Adding support for Beelzebub and Narmaya, seven weapon skins for each, five new quests for the RPG mode (two of which require having Narmaya), and more.

Granblue Fantasy Versus  launched on February 6 in Japan and Asia for PS4. And on March 3, 2020 in North America. Players are still waiting for the European one on March 27. Additionally, the PC version will launch worldwide on March 13. The game will also make a big appearance as part of EVO 2020’s main lineup.

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