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You can finally now import custom maps in Dark Souls

Dark Souls modders have finally cracked the custom mapping problem.

Dark Souls fans rejoice, victory is here! They say it’s always better late than never and in this case, it can’t be any more accurate. Dark Souls may have been released all the way back in 2011, but finally, modders have at long last figured out how to bring custom levels into the game. It might be surprising, but until this point it’s been pretty much impossible to import a custom map into the original Dark Souls. The closest you could get was importing maps from Demon’s Souls. Now, while modders have worked on custom maps for some time, problems with the specific file format used for collision detection in Dark Souls 1 meant that progress was stalled. Now let us see what new features and custom mapping the latest updates have.

Well, that is now a thing of the past. As several modders have figured out a way to import working custom maps into the game. The first custom map for Dark Souls, Half Life’s Crossfire map, currently exists solely as proof of concept for aspiring modders and fans of custom levels. According to a number of modders familiar with the process, the project was a team effort that required overcoming a large number of technical problems. 

According to modder Zullie, modders Meowmaritus and Horkrux found the solutions that led to game’s first custom map. Basically, Meowmaritus designed tools that could import custom models, and Horkrux discovered a way to add collision physics. The result is Half Life’s Crossfire map being brought to Dark Souls. Zullie wrote further about the process on on Reddit explaining why this is a major breakthrough. Also, how this should eventually make custom maps more approachable for modders.

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