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XQc gets his best Winston title back

XQc is once again the highest ranking Winston player in the Overwatch North American scene.

Félix “xQc” Lengyel have once held the title for the best Winston player in North American scene of Overwatch League. However, he lost the title after losing his position in Gladiaors Legion. The organisation had droped out their Overwatch team after deciding not to attend 2020 Contenders season. XQc then decided to focus on streaming and appealing his audience. His decision caused his rankings to drop and eventually led him to lose his best Winston player title. But, now it looks like xQc is back at in the region with his Winston.

Xqc announced him getting his title back in a post explaining that he managed to climb to rank 36 after a couple of runs. He told that he was now the highest ranking Winston player in Overwatch North American scene. He also criticised North American players telling them to “pick up the pace” and claiming they weren’t “trying” enough.

Overwatch has nerfed some of the meta hero combos such as Reinhardt, Orisa, and Sigma in the recent patches. This led Winston to become one of the favourite heroes among other players in the Overwatch community. In the recent Overwatch League, there has been several Winston plays in different teams. There were even the hero combos with Winston, Tracer, D.Va and Genji.

Dive meta

XQc has previously voiced his opinion about the recent Overwatch metas not being as fun as the previous ones. Many people in the Overwatch community, including professional players have been commenting the same thing. Many also agreed with xQc that Dive meta, also known as Winston, Tracer, D.Va and Genji, could bring some enjoyable moments back into the scene.

XQc have been playing with Winston for a very long time. With more and more playing choosing to play as Winston in the professional scene, there might be chance for xQc to enter the stage again. Meanwhile, xQc will have get better at Winston if he wants to keep his title. It is likely that Winston getting popular in Overwatch League will endanger his title in the near future.

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