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Why Uncharted is such a beloved game franchise

What Makes Uncharted one of the Most beloved Franchises of all time

Naughty Dog, one of the most beloved game developers to date created one of their crowning achievements in 2007. In 2007, they created the Uncharted series with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune which was a golden creation at that time. The game seemed an adventure like Indiana Jones across a world that let players experience the storyline of Nathan Drake. The game turned out to be evaluating and commercial success. And gave birth to one of the most admired video game franchises ever.

Even after almost ten years later, fans still care about the franchise and surprisingly are sticking with it. But what makes this game so beloved among the fans. Even when popular franchises like Fallout and Tomb Raider have witnessed the disappointment from the fans and critics alike. And consumers are wishing for the old entries of them. While claiming the latest instalments have lost the speciality that made those games so great at their launch. Even games like Assassin’s Creed and GTA have also seen the division of their fanbase eventually as well.

However, Naughty Dog has found a tricky way to improve each game and make it bigger and better than the last. As we know the developers also topped themselves once again. Not to mention the latest entry in the Uncharted franchise was launched with tremendous success.

Character Development and Narrative Focus

Naughty Dog is always the geniuses in this area. They always had a knack for characters and their stories. Their talent is easily witnessed through their creations. Such as Last of Us or the one we are currently talking about. 

The first game introduces Nathan Drake to the players, an outstanding treasuer hunter and a descendant from the bloodline of Sir Francis Drake himself. Players meet Drake as he is already on the run for a secret quest that relates to his ancestors. As expected, his quest included hidden treasure worth millions, deadly curses and villains out to stop Drake at all costs. From the very beginning, nearly every player fell in love with the character. The extremely funny and well humoured and flawed Nathan Drake was so much relatable to the characters. As much as he seemed the contrary. He was cool and hilarious and immensely relatable. Eventually, He’s scared, makes jokes and makes a ton of mistakes. Making him one of the most relatable characters to date.

Uniquely Written and Crafted Characters

Beyond all of that, the possesses a cast of supporting and impressive characters. Sully and Elena were amazing from the very start. They were humourous, mature and helped Nate alongside his quest without being a burden or annoying like a majority of video game side characters are. The games never relied solely on them and introduced new loveable and hateable characters as each entry was launched.

While many franchises try to execute new stories with the same characters, Uncharted does something different. Even though it may not seem effective but Uncharted grew its supporting cast with each instalment. The second entry in the franchise introduced Chloe and the sinister Flynn. And despite being the side characters, they still stole the scenes in various ways. The third entry brought the amazing Charlie Cutter which was also impressive in many ways. Later on, Naughty Dog’s decision to include Nate’s long lost brother in the fourth entry to complete its story was exceptional. It is very refreshing to know how a game can grow eventually. And the cast can simultaneously expand within such an amazing world of the game.

An Exceptional Narrative Immersion

When it comes to narrative pacing, Uncharted is one of those games who stands out from the rest in this approach. One thing that sets the entries in the franchise apart from other games of the same genres is the feeling created by the atmosphere of the game. The game offers a unique feeling to the players whenever they start to explore the world created by the developers. From the very beginning, the game executed the narrative pacing on the same level as a movie. A film builds a set to house a scene. Similarly, a game can build a set to house either an epic quest or adventure, hardcore gunfight or mind-boggling puzzles. Naughty Dog mastered the skill to boast amazing sequences throughout their games. And each entry in the franchise offered something uniquely amazing to experience.

Game Structure and Mechanics

As every video game entries should, the Uncharted franchise continually improved. Upon on what made it’s arguably the most important aspect of the game so good. That aspect is its thrilling gameplay. The original game had hard yet old-fashioned gunplay, weird climbing and parkour mechanics and sometimes uncontrollable guides throughout the game.

Although, the series continued to evolve until they reached the third entry. The third entry in the franchise had some of the most compelling and fun as well as challenging elements. That made the gameplay stand out from other video games in the industry. Naughty Dog also took a huge step forward in its mixture of linear and Open world gameplay with another popular series created by them, The Last Of Us. As Uncharted 4 launched, it found an incredible balance between the two franchises. And continued to up its game with challenging puzzles, smooth yet hardcore gunplay and a bigger and more open world with various ways to explore it.

Part of what made the story and character development of the franchise so immersive and impressive is the expertise they showed in the development. It included voice acting and motion capture performances behind the scenes. All of those elements simply proved how much Naughty Dog was serious about creating a quality story-driven and primarily a next level cinematic game.

Innovation Behind the Scenes

The character performances and voice acting was innovative from the very beginning. The voice actors did most of the motion capture for the cut scenes, animations and many elements of the gameplay themselves. They were actually acting out the scenes on the blue screen with much more interactive sets and props. This allowed another layer of depth to add too much of the performances. Which made an impacting impression in the end product. Since Naughty Dog has pioneered the technique, the method has become more common throughout the entire video game industry eventually.

The Uniquely Crafted Cinematography 

As the beautiful music builds up and players join Nathan Drake on another one of his crazy and thrilling quests. It is very hard to stop yourself from admiring the creation Naughty Dog has uniquely crafted. The cinematic feel you can experience in the Uncharted series is something that is very difficult. And near impossible to find in recent games. This type of feeling is typically found nowhere else in gaming.

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From the very start, throughout the old-fashioned clunky gameplay mechanics and buggy encounters, the cinematography is what kept players hooked up. As time passed, players have developed great connections with Nathan Drake himself. And feel like nothing else than the action hero of the game. From the classy bank escapes to the lush and mysterious landscapes. As well as some deep emotional character moments, Uncharted achieves something unique no other game can compare to very soon.

Naughty Dog’s Approach and Their Commitment to the Fans

The developers behind the series never settle in one direction and are always aiming for improving their game. Many games only seem to update their visual and graphical elements and add new accessories such as Fallout and Destiny. While some just recycle old gameplay elements and a material like Call of Duty. But when it comes to making a new title, Uncharted isn’t anything like those games.

Naughty Dog. improves the game every time a new entry is launched. Each game is much bigger and better as well as smoother and sharper than its previous. The developers avoid any pesky DLC model. Or elements that create division and leaves less-fortunate players feeling separated from the rest. There is no holding back on content to sell later or gimmicky and unnecessary pre-order bonuses.

There is only two thing that the developers fully wanted. The game and the player which are two things that go hand in hand. Naughty Dog realizes this very well and wants to gave the players an equal feeling. Their social media presence is constant and they clearly show their gratitude to their fans. And shows how much they respect them. They aren’t afraid to delay their release date. Just to ensure that they are launching the best possible product their players deserve. In the video game industry, lots of games get launched and shipped with broken mechanics. And bugs that ruin the experience. While Naughty Dogs possess this very rare quality which makes them stand out from the rest.

Uncharted is an exceptional franchise for sure

The best way to describe the greatness of Uncharted isn’t possible in simple words. Hence for the record, we can describe it as a game that delivers on the experience of being a modern-day adventurer. Such as Indiana Jones in a very subtle way. It perfectly places the player in the role of a cocky adventurer on a treasure hunt that may change his life. He is surprisingly an expert at mass murdering and always manages to saves the day from some huge threat. As much as he is founded by trouble itself. The formula Naughty Dog implements on Uncharted is something uniquely special. And is only improved with each entry.

Uncharted is a franchise very unique from others and has continually adapted and improvised on what makes it so special. While also keeping the same tone and immersion that charmed during its debut. From the narrative approach of the story to the graphics as well as the gameplay elements. Everything in the game is uniquely crafted. The Uncharted franchise has consistently delivered outstanding entries. And can be stated as one of the most adored and greatest franchises of all time.

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