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What is Gaming in 2020 shaping up to be?

Why 2020 Will Be The Most Important Year in The History of The Gaming Industry

There is no doubt that 2020 is going to be one of the best years that ever happened in the history of the gaming industry. Of course, 2007 was pretty cool with releases like Bioshock, Uncharted, Mass Effect and also the first Assassin’s Creed and many more. And also people say that 2013 was also one of the best years within the industry of gaming with substantial releases like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Grand Theft Auto 5, The Last of Us Debut and also the shift of Playstation and Xbox to their next-generation release of that time which was Xbox One and Playstation 4.

With that said, 2020 also seems to move in a similar direction but with much more than those early years. NextGen will also make an appearance during the holidays and we have the second entry in The Last of Us before that which one of the most anticipated games of the decade and way way more that can easily outweigh the likes of Grand Theft Auto 5 and Bioshock.

With all of that and many more, lets deep dive into this exciting year not only because we get to play Cyberpunk 2077 but also that we got many new and surprising announcements and events trending that are likely to leave an important mark on the gaming industry for the years to come. What can we expect from the year? let’s discuss as subtle as possible.

A Slow and Steady Start

The year will kick off pretty slowly in terms of new games releases unless you care about more of Dragon Ball Z or are just curious to see what Dreams is all about.

The first big release of the year without any doubt is Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Remake which was announced back in 2015 during that substantial Playstation conference and is shaping out to be a very impressive recreation of this classic. Now as the listing for a demo of the game has already appeared in the Playstation store, we may be able to try the game out for ourselves in early January.

So be prepared for more details on the remake as we get closer to the March 3rd 2020 release date. But this isn’t just what is making 2020 one of the most amazing gaming years. Of course, 2020 is going to be way more than the already exciting looking new releases. It’s the year of new consoles, the next-gen everyone has been craving for. And there is a strong chance that Sony may finally openly talk about their new Playstation during February instead of just dropping little teases in articles throughout the year.

The Arrival of the Next-Generation of Gaming

Microsoft made a surprising move at the game awards by unveiling the Xbox series X out of nowhere. The announce was a massive surprise as Phil Spencer himself carefully used Season Pass to overshadow its chances of getting leaked. It was a smart move as it caught a huge audience off guard. It was a time when people are hungry for the next-gen and Xbox gave it to them. So when people now think of the next-gen, they immediately think of Series X.

While the only thing we know about the Playstation 5 is the pretty ugly dev kit. So Sony now has to control the narrative and have to share what the console actually looks like and what the new features and games are that we can expect. And of course, they cannot wait much longer as they cannot let Microsoft dominate the competition for the coming months.

The Playstation 5 Announcement

So a Playstation 4 like reveal event that worked incredibly well for that system is likely to be held for the Playstation 5 too. Especially at a time when Microsoft is already sharing one part of their plan. Sony may surprise everyone with some event in the upcoming weeks as they did with their meeting event. This is likely to be more than just a simple state of play that may help Sony to return to the stage and win the heart of their audiences.

The announcement may be a big one. They may showcase various features from running multiple background games to jumping between games simultaneously without any loading screen. But of course, the more exciting part of it is the games which may or may not be the launch titles. So far we know about Godfall while there are also various rumours to Demon Souls remastered as well as speculations surrounding another Gran Turismo. But most importantly, is Guerrilla Games ready to showcase the next Horizon game, as well as the rumoured multiplayer, focused game from the same company that maybe Stockholm, Killzone or maybe an entirely new IP.

Amazing and Highly Anticipated Games making Appearance

If you followed the site, then you also may know that the next Assassin’s Creed is also rumoured to make an early 2020 appearance with a launch in the holiday of 2020. That makes it interesting because it would be insane if the next Horizon and the Assassin’s Creed game makes an appearance during this Playstation 5 reveal event. It is amazing as much as it sounds iffy. But of course, Microsoft would have to counter this and there is a strong chance that they may have their own event for their next console sometime before E3. And they should have way more to share than just Xbox Series X.

Xbox Planning Way More Than Just Another Console

Rumours are heavily suggesting that Xbox is planning another console alongside the Series X. They may simply call “Series S” which would be a less powerful version for a much affordable price and without a disc drive. It would be very important for Microsoft to show the difference and the reason behind it. Alongside what Xbox games we can play on this new platform. Halo Infinite will be a major focus for sure while Hellblade 2 may also provide some new looks to the game as well. And may turn out to be a launch game for Series X and may tease some projects that we can expect in the future.

Let’s not forget that during all this next-gen talk, we’ll be knees deep in amazing releases. Doom Eternal will be launching in March while Resident Evil 3 Remake will kick off in April. Those will be followed by one of the most anticipated games of the decade, Cyberpunk 2077. Which is going to be insanely huge without any doubt. The Witcher sold 4 Million copies in 2 weeks, we can expect Cyberpunk 2077 to do that in the first 24 hours. As it’s way later in the console cycle that will surely help it. Like we won’t be surprised if the pre-order number for Cyberpunk is already in the millions. Given the fact that the name CD Projekt Red is so respected within the industry.

Best Selling Games Making Arrival and are Aiming to Break Records

Cyberpunk 2077 will be the best selling game for sure till FIFA and Call of Duty Black Ops 5 release later that year. Yes, we also got a Call of Duty announcement in that April-May window too. And Treyarch seems to be leading it once again according to a report made by Kotaku. So that’s a two-year dev cycle instead of the three-year dev cycle they had for the previous games.

But after Cyberpunk, its really far from over about really exciting game releases. Marvel Avengers launching on May 15 is another game many people are looking forward to. We may also get more info about the co-op mode and the loot aspect in early 2020. We totally expect an insanely huge marketing push for this game as it approaches the release date. Because that is where how Square Enix and Marvel’s strategy aligns with each other. It’s really curious and we hope to keep you up to date here on the site. Just make sure to follow us throughout this amazing year.

A massively extravagant as well as a fun 2020 for gaming

A few weeks later, on May 29 we are getting another highly anticipated title of the year. It is no other than The Last of Us Part 2. The game is sure going to set a sales record for Playstation exclusives. The fact that everything they showed looked amazing only makes us fear that we don’t get spoiled.

The game Dying Light should launch in the Spring date too as a June release date was leaked. June is highly possible since the other months are heavily crowded with other massive titles. Despite that, the game also needs its full window to fully showcase what they have created. The game seems to look promising so far. As the developers have been working on this open-world zombie game for four to five years. Your choices play an impacting part throughout the game’s storyline while its combat and gameplay look brutal. So make sure to keep your eyes on this one also.

Without any doubt, it would be very hard to have any money left within your wallet with all of these big releases. But the year is still far from over as there are many more 2020 games coming. But some of them don’t have any scheduled date announced yet. Before the launches, we also got E3 which could turn out to be the biggest one ever happened. Even though it’s still being questioned whether Sony shows up or not.

Sony May Pull Off Their Own Event

They could totally do their own event near E3. But this time it looks like they may return to promote their new console on a much bigger level. And does not give the full spotlight to Microsoft. Because there is a high chance that Microsoft will also tease some brand new exclusives. Amongst them, the biggest one could be another Fable game. Which is rumoured for a while now and should be in development now. While the game may be far away, a tease that could promote the new Xbox seems highly possible.

The Biggest and Yet the Most Exciting Competition in the Industry

All of this is cool for Microsoft, but Sony knows how to play their trump card too. It would be insanely cool if Insomniac at the end of their huge E3 show swings in with a new Spiderman 2 teaser trailer. This will balance the narrative and brings more juice to the main competitors as well. Not to mention the game is scheduled for release in 2021. And Insomniac is well known for its pretty rapid developing cycle.

Of course, apart from all the titles coming from the gaming industry in 2020, we’ll also get glimpses at many exciting next-gen projects. That will keep the heat ongoing throughout the year. As the new consoles have been revealed, something similar may happen which kept the momentum going for the current-gen of the consoles. It may finally be time for Rocksteady to showcase their game. Since it has been about 5 years since we got Batman: Arkham Knight. Final Fantasy 15 was revealed during E3 2013. So we might get Final Fantasy 16 announced in E3 2020 as well as it will be a next-gen release.

The gaming event E3 2020 may be it’s biggest in its history

It seems pretty clear that E3 2020 will be the best of the years to come. Not only because it gives us a cool look in the future. But we also are getting previews of very exciting games as well that are also coming the same year. Ghost of Tsushima and the highly ambitious Watch_Dogs: Legion comes to mind as they’re releasing during the summer of 2020.

Be sure to check the coverage we did for both of the games. Since they’re scheduled for second half of the year, but it may not be that Ubisoft will release Legion near the new Assassin’s Creed that should launch in the fall of 2020 after or during November. The next Assassin’s Creed is highly anticipated between both the fans and the newcomers. As it’s created by the beloved Montreal team. So it may not be possible that Ubisoft takes a risk with it as it may be an impacting point for the franchise.

With that said, tell us what games will you be picking in 2020? and is there any chance that you may pick a next-gen console as well? Let us know in the comments and make sure to follow us for more during this amazing year.

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