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WeSave! officially hits $180,000 milestone

The WeSave! Charity Play Tournament recently introduced a new milestone system for donations and has now passed it’s third goal.

In the recent days, WePlay! had introduced a milestone system for the WeSave! Charity Play tournament. The idea was to create incentive for the viewers and Dota 2 community to push further towards the cause. The WeSave non-profit charity has recently passed it’s 180000 USD stretch goal thanks to these efforts. Current milestone also unlocked two more rewards for the ongoing charity tournament.

WePlay! had first introduced a $120,000 milestone just a few days ago. The first stretch goal said that the $120,000 prize would be shared among all the six regions. As a result, each region would be getting $20,000 from the total pool. However, just after introducing the stretch goals, WeSave! Charity Play had reached the second $150,000 goal in the same day.

WePlay! had introduced cross regional finals after hitting the second milestone. The added new feature was that the winners of each region would now be competing against each other. In other words, this also combined the brackets of WeSave! Charity Play for extended final matches. With the current standings, Team Liquid and Team Nigma are the finalist of EU bracket, while HellRaisers and Natus Vincere are the finalists of the CIS bracket. This means after the teams compete between each other, the winners will have a final showdown between regions.

After the second milestone, Dota 2 community had reached the third goal in the day after. The third milestone has since added All-Star matches at WeSave! Charity Play. It will divide North American teams into two teams and then feature a 3v3 match. Although there isn’t much info as to who will take place in this added event, there is no doubt that there will be enjoyable moments for the community.

$180,000 stretch goal

There has been a lot of discussions going in the Dota 2 community ever since the third goal revealed the reward for the next upcoming milestone. $180,000 milestone has been the latest stretch goal that the community hit. However, it is also featuring the most change among other unlocks at WeSave! Charity Play. The goal featured a complete change to all of the regional finals. It changed final matches from best of three to best of five, creating a higher tension.

With the fourth goals reached, WePlay! has also teased the next upcoming goal. The next goal is at $200,000. If the viewers and Dota 2 community manages to reach the goal, every donator at WeSave! Charity Play will receive WePlay! Premium for the following three months. The premium access grants players a ticket for the premium tournaments, provides them with priority support, and awards the players with a premium badge.

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