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WePlay! introduces milestones for donations

WePlay! has officially introduced a new milestone system for the charity’s donations.

It is almost the third day at WeSave! Charity Play and to gather more attention to the cause WePlay has recently announced a milestones system for donations. The tournament has been running for the past two days. However, the games have already gathered over $23,000 thanks to the viewers around the world. This also means WeSave!’s total funding has fund is now over $140,000. Moreover, there are still four more days until the end of the charity tournament.

WePlay is aiming to creative incentive for the viewers and donators with the new milestones for WeSave!. The organisation had stated that all the donations would go to CEPI and GlobalGiving previously. However, the milestones will now show the donations with a live tracker with different goals. The tracker has started with $120,000 and the next goal is currently at $150,000.

According to the live tracker, the first goal will unlock additional matches to the WeSave! Charity Play. If the current funding passes the milestone, there will be cross regional matches, meaning the winners of the two regions will be competing against each other. There are also three more goals that WePlay! will be revealing when the funding passes the previous milestones.

Other than milestones, WePlay also has Twitch Bitse!

Viewers of the WeSave! Charity Play, including the Dota 2 community, are able to donate using either WePlay! Or Twitch. There is also the option to use Twitch bits to donate to the charity. Regarding to the Twitch Bits, WePlay! explained that the viewers will be able to donate through Twitch’s exclusive currency, better known as bits. The organisation said that if people have bits in their Twitch accounts, they can make their donations using cheermotes on the official WeSave! Twitch channels. There are three official channels which are English, Ukrainian, and Russian. According to WePlay!, each bit will correspond to $0,01 towards the goal.

Meanwhile, WePlay! also said that if people choose to donate through their own website, they will be able to use the official donation page. There will be no requirements for people wanting to donate this way except for the donation form. WePlay! will also give a digital certificate for the donators after they successfully donate to the charity. The digital certificate will be available to download.

WeSave! Charity Play will continue for the next four days until Thursday, 26 March. There is still a long way to go until the end, so there is no doubt that those charity milestones will be reached in the following days.

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