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Wei gets penalty from eStar for not picking smite

Wei is penalised from eStar Esports for forgetting to pick smite at the beginning of their match with Bilibili Gaming.

EStar Esports have recently announced that they have given penalty to one of their players after their loss in their recent match. The team had faced Bilibili Gaming in the very first match of the LPL Summer Split week 3. However, Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei on eStar’s side forgot to pick smite for his hero at the beginning of their match. After intense close moments in three sets of matches, eStar lost to BLG 2-1. However, with the loss, eStar also decided to give him a penalty by deducting one month from Wei’s salary for his mistake.

EStar Esports explained the penalty on Twitter stating that Wei had made the mistake to pick Ignite instead of Smite during the summoner spell selection. Smite has been a key ability for Wei’s jungle position at the time. According to the eStar, Wei later apologized for his mistake for forgetting to pick smite. However, eStar still told the community that they would withhold one month of the jungler’s salary for his mistake. They added that there will be team criticism as well to prevent any similar mistake in the future.

The rest of the roster had a pretty welcoming approach after Wei forgot to switch to smite on his pick. EStar’s roster moved to talk with the referee about the problem. According to the statement, the referee, unfortunately, told them that they can’t make a rematch and their picks would remain. After the response, the team told the jungler that it was an acceptable mistake, and decided to take a different approach to fit his pick.

Bilibili Gaming vs eStar

The team put out a more aggressive approach compared to their previous strategy against Bilibili Gaming to mitigate the problems that may arise in the first match. Unfortunately, eStar’s aggressive draft didn’t hold BLG for long. They started to overpower eStar on the map nearing the half hour mark. It wasn’t long that the first match was completely in BLG’s hands. Still, Wei managed to get 6 deaths, 2 kills, and 12 assists at the end.

Second match was different on eStar’s side. This time, the team managed to counter Bilibili Gaming’s pushes and took over jungle against Zhou “l3est16” Zhi-Li on the other side. Their success resulted in their first victory, making it 1-1. Third match, however, was similar to the first one. BLG took down eStar’s hopes in less than an hour, ending the game 2-1.

EStar Esports is currently in the 12th spot in the standings at LPL Summer Split. The team will face LNG Esports on Thursday at 4pm CT.

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