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Wadid reappears in Griffin’s roster

Wadid has officially announced his return back into Griffin Esport’s 2020 LCK roster.

Kim “Wadid” Bae-in has recently announced that he has returned back to the Korean League of Legends scene. The support had failed to get into a team before the LCK Spring Split. As a result, he was facing the likelihood of dropping to the Challengers scene. However, to avoid being dropped out from LCK stage, Wadid has recently told his fans that he would play for Griffin in the upcoming LCK season.

Wadid had previously played for G2 during the 2018 LCS series. The following year he joined to Rogue during LEC Spring Split. But after a disappointing finish at the LEC season, he moved back to LCS in FlyQuest’s roster.

Wadid has revealed his new league team on his twitter. He explained that Griffin also went on to test his skills before confirming his position in their LCK roster. The support said that he successfully passed the test and became part of Griffin’s roster for the upcoming LCK season.

It is not strange to see teams performing such tests in their new recruits in the Korean League of Legends scene. Like Wadid, there is a vast number of league players in the region wanting to enter the professional stage. This pushes the teams to test the new players’ skills. After the tests, the Korean league teams choose the best skills they can get into their roster.

Wadid has been absent from the league scene for an entire season. However, he made series of appearances in the LCK English broadcasts. He often joined the other casters such as Nick “LS” De Cesare, Max “Atlus” Anderson, and Brendan “Valdes” Valdes as a guest. Wadid quickly became the centre of attention due to him giving technical information during his appearances. His experience in the professional league scene also acted as a foundation in his comments.

Griffin in the LCK scene

Despite their second place finish last year at LCK Summer, Griffin has been struggling to find success recently. The team had a tenth place finish in the LCK Spring Split this year. This also put the team in a likely position of relegation from the scene. The team had a breakdown after last year’s LCK season. They had lost all of their core players from the roster. Son “Lehends” Si-woo, Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon, and Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon had left the team, leaving Griffin with a weak lineup. However, with Wadid joining the team, there still might be a chance for them to recover.

Meanwhile, Griffin has a limited time to build their roster around Wadid for the upcoming LCK season. The team will be facing Seorabeol Gaming in the near future. This leaves them with a very few options to quickly rebuild their roster. However, since there are currently several former Worlds players available in the scene, Griffin might go ahead and bring some of them to their roster.

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