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Void Terrarium is heading west in 2020

NIS America recently announced that Void Terrarium is officially coming west sometime this year.

NIS America has officially revealed that Void Terrarium, also known as “void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium,” will be heading west sometime in 2020. NIS America hasn’t yet nailed down a specific release date, but fans can now at least expect to see the game sometime this summer. The game shipped for the PS4 and Switch in Japan on January 23.

What’s Void Terrarium’s synopsis?

Void Terrarium is a unique roguelike survival game. It’s in a weirdly attractive but wholly grim post-apocalyptic universe that has been contaminated with toxic fungi. Players control a humble service droid, who awakens after a long period of disservice to find the world under siege from toxic plantation. One day, the maintenance robot finds a girl named Toriko. Who is close to death. The robot lends its help and soon discovers that she very much could be the last remaining human. How she’s survived this long is to be seen. But she is highly vulnerable to the conditions of the outside world. She is very frail and the world is filled with danger and diseases. To ensure her survival, the robot and his newfound friend, a decommissioned Al known as factoryAl, creates a refuge for her within a terrarium. 

To reinforce the terrarium as well as Toriko’s poor health, you’ll constantly go on randomized dungeon runs to collect materials for crafting medicines, food. And furniture to help make her comfortable all while battling the vagrant machines and mutated creatures that roam there. Along the way, the uncertain future of Toriko’s existence and with her, the entire human race, will slowly come to light. Masayuki Furuya, the director of the htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary game, directed the new game and designed the characters. Hajime Sugie composed the music.

You can check out the game’s key features below:

  • Hope in Cold World – From the creator of A Rose in the Twilight and htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary, this harrowing roguelike adventure combines cute visuals with a somber yet whimsical post-apocalyptic story.
  • Custom-Made Caretaker – Install various equipment, skills, Knacks. And parts you find on your expeditions to improve your ability to explore the wasteland. And fight enemies, while preventing threats to Toriko’s health by feeding her, curing over 15 possible diseases, and building her various gadgets to make her life comfortable in the wasteland.
  • The Mysteries of the Void – Choose your loadout wisely as you fight through procedurally generated levels in turn-based combat. No two adventures are alike when braving the toxic wastes.

In addition to the standard version of the game. A Void Terrarium limited edition will be available for both the Nintendo Switch. And PlayStation 4 via the NIS America store. The limited edition includes a copy of the game, collector’s box, “Sporific Sounds” soundtrack CD, “Status Apparatus” emotion chart, “A.I. Love You” lapel pin set, “Tori-Gotchi” lenticular key chain, and “Hand-Plucked Hope” poster.

Void Terrarium will launch on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 worldwide in Summer 2020. It is immediately available on both platforms in Japan. For more information, visit the official website here.

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