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Vici Gaming to ditch ESL One Los Angeles

Vici Gaming will not be attending the upcoming ESL One Majors at Los Angeles.

Vici Gaming has recently decided not to attend to ESL One Majors at Los Angeles. The Dota 2 team have so far had a great run in the Dota Pro Circuits. Their roster gathered 5,100 Dota Pro Circuit points from the past tournaments, placing in second in the leaderboard. Vici Gaming’s current state at DPC suggests that they will likely be attending at The International this year even without attending to ESL One.

ESL One’s official page had shared the news about Vici Gaming’s withdrawal from the Major. When the Dota 2 community tried to search for the team’s name, Vici Gaming could be found no where among the invited teams. This raised quite a lot of questions as the team was one of the top performing Dota 2 teams in DPC. Later on, it led to speculations that the team might have declined the offer to attend in the upcoming closed qualifiers.

Vici Gaming ‘s top performance led their roster to finish in top 3 spots in the last two Majors. The team had a great advantage in the Dota 2 professional scene to exceed most other teams. However after a while, Vici Gaming’s coach Bai “rOtK” Fan told the community that they would take some time off and skip the following two months of Dota Pro Circuit events.

Coach ROtK’s interview with MAX+

ROtK had told the news about their hiatus after ONE Esports World Pro Invitational. Vici Gaming had finished the season in first place at the time. When talking to MAX+, r0tK told that the roster had some plans to take some time off of the professional scene. He told that they could pass the next Major to practise and rest. It wouldn’t be any surprise that the reason might something to do with visas as well. Including Vici Gaming, Chinese Dota 2 teams have been having difficulties in getting visas for their players.

ROtK said that Zhou “Yang” Haiyang’s visa was keep getting denied. He told that it was one of the major reasons to their decision. He also said that everyone needed some time off from professional scene.

ROtK has also explained that they planned to focus more on their players’well being. He added that they were focus less about getting victory at every Major. He kept on telling that they wanted to make future proof adjustments in their mindsets. They also wanted to apply their tournament experiences and boost their performances. The coach also talked about the newest member Xiong “Pyw”‘ Jiahan in the roster. He said that he wanted to focus on Pyw’s training in the roster. Although Pyw is a new member, he has played in The International in the past.

What else could be the reason why they dropped out?

The Dota 2 community has also linked Vici Gaming’s drop out with coronavirus in the region It is likely that the virus could create travel and visa restrictions on players. This is especially the case since four players in the roster are from Hubei region in which virus is spreading at an alarming rate. There has been no official confirmation from Vici Gaming about the recent news. However, all these likely scenarios could be the reason why the team choose to take some time away from competing.

The unfortunate news also mean that one of the top Dota 2 teams is now off the table at ESL One Major. This will create opportunities for other teams to hop in the rankings. On another note, Vici Gaming’s hiatus doesn’t imply they will be off the scene completely. During their time off, the team might still show up at some of the events outside of Dota Pro Circuit.

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