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Vici Gaming beats beastcoast at DreamLeague

Vici Gaming defeats beastcoast 2-0 at DreamLeague Leipzig Season 13

Vici Gaming has recently fought off the last team in their group stage at DreamLeague Leipzig. The Dota 2 team’s latest match featured them going against beastcoast. Vici Gaming made it very clear for beastcoast as to who is more dominant in the game. The team finished the game with a clean 2-0 score. Vici Gaming will now move to the Group B’s second upper bracket.

Vici Gaming had lost their previous game against Team Secret at DreamLeague Leipzig. However, the team didn’t allow their loss to affect their other games. Following their loss, they restrategised in just two days, and got two victories in their next game against Chaos Esports Club. Now, VG continues that winning streak with beastcoast, making it fourth consecutive victory.

VG vs beastcoast 1-0

In the first round, beastcoast’s Hector “K1” Rodriguez decided to unleash Wraith King on Vici Gaming’s roster. The hero has been getting a lot of negative feedbacks in the Dota 2 community for ranking below average among other picks. After building his Wraith King, K1 went on a killing spree during a team fight against Vici Gaming, ending up getting him four kills.

Just when it looked as if Vici Gaming was falling short in the first round, beastcoast made a seemingly small mistake. The team’s downfall began with K1, when he used Wraith King’s ultimate ability at a wrong time and ended up feeding the other team. VG saw K1’s death and turned it into an opportunity for their side. Xiaong “Pyw” Jiahan on the roster slowly chipped away beastcoast’s roster with his Rubick. The team also had a great team fight against beastcoast. The game soon come to an end with Vici Gaming overpowering beastcoast’s roster, finishing the game 1-0.

VG vs beastcoast 2-0

Pressure on beastcoast stepped up in the second round. Vici Gaming decided to push everything they got against beastcoast’s roster. The team countered beastcoast in every lane and pushed further to the other side. Vici Gaming’s carry Zhang “Eurus” Chengju overpowered in every fight against beastcoast with his Ember Spirit.

In the meantime, K1 on beastcoast’s side was making Doom carry build to try to repel Vici Gaming’s roster. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to stop the overwhelming force from the other team. Eventually, beastcoast had to give in against Vici Gaming.

Vici Gaming has been making quite the name for themselves. The team recently won ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational. They have also placed in second at the MDL Chengdu Major. After such success, the team haven’t stopped their run in the professional scene since then.

Beastcoast was missing one of their players during their match against Vici Gaming at DreamLeague Leipzig. They had opted to have someone to stand-in for the spot. However, this doesn’t reduce the pressure on the team for their loss. The team has been lacking success in the overall of Dota 2 professional scene, despite their occasional top gameplays.

Beastcoast has the potential to be reach for the top teams, however they will need to improve the roster for their next match. There has been a lot of predictability over the team’s hero picks, as K1 often picked from a small pool of heroes. This gave other teams the chance to counter K1. Future matches will show how the team is going to adapt following their loss at the event.

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