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Vaevictis officially drops out from LCL 2020

Vaevicitis Esports will no longer appear in the 2020 LCL season due to pure performance results.

Riot Games has recently announced that Vaevictis Esports‘ league team won’t be appearing in the 2020 LCL season. In a recent statement, Riot Games told the league community that the team have been showing a series of lacking performance in their run. Riot said that due to this performance issue CrowCrowd will be going to replace Vaevictis’ spot in the upcoming LCL season.

Last year on February, Vaevictis Esports had announced a brand new league lineup in the professional scene. The roster was different from other league teams in that they had all female players in their lineup. It was a promising sight in the professional League of Legends scene. However, there were also a series of problems that constantly followed the team. In the 2019 league season, the team began seeing discrimination during their LCL run. The issue followed up with Riot handing warning to some of the league teams such as Vega Squadron and RoX. During that time, there were criticisms for the teams’ lack of professionalism and discrimination.

Riot Games have recently announced some of the changes with the upcoming LCL Spring Split season. These included Vaevictis Esports‘ league roster and some of the statistics of the team. According to Riot, Vaevictis failed to get any good result in the last year’s LCL run. Although, the organisation also mentioned some of the team’s strong points, it wasn’t enough to keep them in the 2020 LCL season.

Vaevictis Esports‘ league roster had lost every game they had in their previous LCL run. The team finished both Spring and Summer Split with a total 14 losses. Their previous results likely affected decision for 2020 LCL season. However, Riot Games also told that Vaevictis Esports was free to join the Open Qualifiers for the 2021 LCL season.

Team CrowCrowd

Riot told that CrowCrowd was now going to take Vaevictis Esports‘ spot in the 2020 LCL season. The team previously had several runs in semi-professional league tournaments. Kirill “Likkrit” Malofeev owns the league team CrowCrowd. Likkrit is a former professional league player. He has played in LCL season for two years before retiring. He also currently works in the team as their strategic director.

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