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V1per joins Dignitas, leaving FlyQuest

Top Laner V1per has exited Flyquest and joined Dignitas’ team roster filling in for Huni ahead of the LCS Summer Split.

After playing in his former team FlyQuest for over two years, Omran “V1per” Shoura has recent signed a new contract with Team Dignitas. The team said that the top laner will be part of their family for the upcoming LCS Summer Split. Dignitas said that V1per will be filling for Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon previous position. The team had removed Huni from the main roster in the previous month due to his poor performance in the spring series.

V1per has been in the professional League of Legends scene for the past two years. He had first started in Team Liquid’s academy roster during NA Academy Spring 2018. They had a top finish in the spring academy series. Later on, the team had another successful run in the NA Academy Summer where they placed second in the series. Unfortunately, they had failed to reach to the finals after the regular season in both occasions.

After a year in Team Liquid Academy, V1per had moved to the FlyQuest’s roster in March 2019. They had a series of LCS runs in the last two years. They managed to leave the LCS Spring Split in his first year in the fourth spot. V1per also attracted the attention of the community with his Riven plays during the spring series. When the spring season ended, LCS gave him the Rookie of the Split awards due to V1per’s high performance.

FlyQuest in the LCS Summer Split 2019

After their decent performance in the early season, FlyQuest started to fall from favour in their second gig. V1per and the rest of the roster had failed to catch up with the other teams in the LCS Summer Split, leading to poor results in the series. The team’s disappointing performance resulted in failing to qualify for the playoffs season. However, FlyQuest still managed to get a seed for the upcoming Worlds season with the LCS Regional Finals.

With the 2019 season finished, FlyQuest decided to make several roster changes for the upcoming spring series. While V1per remained in the lineup, the team released Kim “WADID” Bae-in and Eugene “Pobelter” Park from the roster. In their place, FlyQuest signed Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage and Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun. With the new additions, the team finished the LCS Spring series in the second place, losing to Cloud9 in the finals.

Throughout the last two years, V1per has been one of the star players in FlyQuest’s lineup. His performance has been one of the key elements that pushed the team to reach the top spots. Although the team couldn’t win the last spring series, they showed great teamplay during their run.

On the other hand, Team Dignitas will be making their debut in the upcoming LCS Summer Split. The summer series will take off on Friday, June 12.

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