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Uzi nowhere to be found in RNG’s LPL lineup

Royal Never Give Up reveals LPL Summer Split lineup but excludes Uzi with rumours that he may be retiring soon.

Royal Never Give Up has recently shared the names of their finalised LPL lineup with the community. However soon after the reveal, many fans of the team noticed that Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao was nowhere to be found in the lineup. The bot laner had skipped the entirety of LPL Summer Split despite his contract with RNG. His absence from the regular season along with his contract expiring at the end of April hinted that Uzi might soon depart with the team.

After a period of no announcements from RNG regarding Uzi’s status in the team, the rumours began to spread that he might also be prepping to retire completely. He has been playing in the professional scene since 2012. In the past eight years, the bot laner had various injuries that could pose risk to his career in the long run. However, there are also rumours that Uzi might be joining to another league team.

Last month, Uzi had told that his injuries rendered him unable to play for more than few hours without resting. He said that his lower body and arm injuries were the reasons behind this trouble. According to some reports, Uzi’s health worsened further at LPL Spring Split with more injuries on his body.

Worlds and Uzi in RNG

The bot laner were aiming to achieve Worlds champion few times in his career. Unfortunately, Uzi yet to achieve this. He had two close attempts to reach his dream two separate times. He had a second place finish with Royal Club at the Worlds Season 3 in 2013. After that, he had yet another go at the Worlds 2014 with the same result.

Uzi had a close call with Royal Never Give Up back in 2017. After second place finish in LPL 2017 Summer series, the team moved to the Worlds 2017. Unfortunately, at the time, T1 defeated them during the semifinals, leaving them with a top fourth place finish. However, this didn’t discourage Uzi from keep on trying to reach to the top spot in the Worlds seasons. He had two more goes with RNG after 2017. But this time around, they had left the Worlds early in the quarterfinals after losing to G2. Last year they finished Worlds 2019 with an even poorer result, dropping very early in the group stage.

Royal Never Give Up has yet to make any comments about Uzi’s situation in the roster. Meanwhile, the LPL Summer series will be starting in less than a week. LPL Summer Split begins on 6 June. RNG will also have their first match in the series on the second day against Oh My God at 6am CT.

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