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Ubisoft may actually be creating it’s own Universe

In this Special Game Report, we discuss how Ubisoft May Be Planning to Create Their Own Universe

Ubisoft changed its logo for the first time after 14 years during 2017. At the time everyone thought that this may be a facile update to their previous purple logo that marked the identity of the company, it’s not. Recently released titles from the studio have gotten us percieved the fact that this logo may be symbolic in a new direction. A different yet interesting direction most of its biggest franchise is taking.

Ubisoft Universes are Crossing Over Each Other

Big studios love to include various references to their several franchises, previous instalments or even completely different games under the exact same publisher. But when it comes to Ubisoft which is one of the most leading developers in the game industry, it has gone way beyond than just that. Ubisoft has gone above and beyond when it comes to the intertextuality of their service with the fans. It has gotten to the point where franchises alongside their timelines are starting to merge together with each other. This seems somewhat similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there is a strong chance that it is. And it seems that their franchises are now maybe forming together in several timelines. Maybe three major timelines that truly impact the universes of the franchises that exists. And those three timelines may be represented by the three spirals that are seen on their logo.

Why Three Major Timelines?

The major question would be why do people believe three timelines instead of a single one. This issue wasn’t formed until the ending of Far Cry 5. Those of you who have played Far Cry 5 may know that the game ended by showing the world hit by a nuclear war. This was doubled down in the recently released Far Cry New Dawn. Now even though their universes have been the same as it was referenced sometime ago, Assassin’s Creed doesn’t reflect this impacting world-changing event.

So even though Ubisoft plans to set all their franchises with a nuclear backdrop, it’s doubtful that we’ll see Assassin’s Creed’s universe be a part of it. Nevertheless, the Staff of Hermes in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is said to bring universal changes. The Staff may be used by Layla or some other character to form multiple timelines. As it was narrated in the game “Break the Code” where Code is a reference to time. If something like this happens in the future, then it will heavily affect the universes of Ubisoft and may create a confusing yet single timeline where all major storylines merge together as one. So unless Ubisoft does it, it’s doubtful that we see Layla Hassan holding it down in a fallout shelter for future instalments. It is a very risky move since that would impact the narrative the series has been building upon since Origins.

The First and Maybe The Only Timeline

Although we all are aware that all Assassin’s Creed games are connected to each other where the Assassins existed hundreds of years ago, there is more to the series universe than just that. One of the first major connections to a shared universe came in 2014 with Watch_Dogs. While the release turned out to be a little polarizing, still there were more than a few hidden easter eggs for those who stuck with it. Not to mention that in one of many segments, Aiden can hack into the personal camera witnessing a father and son playing video games. And the video game they seem to be playing is Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Even though only the son seemed interested, still this point is worth taking notice that they may be hinting Abstergo’s inclusion in the universe.

As in Black Flag, it is a video game development studio in the universe. Nevertheless, the major impacting connection coincides with a criminal convoy mission. In one of those missions, Aiden is tasked to kill the CCO of Abstergo who is Olivier Garneau. Olivier was originally introduced in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. Not to mention that the mission even claims that he is targetted by the Brotherhood.

Canonizing the Leak Yet Avoiding Risks

At that time, Ubisoft said that it was only an easter egg for fun. But the link was canonized in 2017 with the launch of Origins. In Assassin’s Creed Origins, players can browse through Layla’s computer files and can find this. They can see that the murder was taken out by Aiden Pearce himself with an inclusion of a CCTV image. Now besides Watch_Dogs, Assassin’s Creed was connected with Far Cry as well. Since the third entry included various easter eggs that show the existence of Abstergo. But the ending of Far Cry 5 cannot coincides with it until Ubisoft decides some time stuff with Layla and her Staff of Hermes. However, besides both of them, there is another big Ubi title that is connected within the same universe.

Recently, Ubisoft launched a limited-time event in For Honor that cross covered with Assassin’s Creed Universe. The event was called “For The Creed” and saw the Assassins and Templars as major playable factions. It was set in one of the admired time-periods of Renaissance and include the fan favourite Ezio and his arch-nemesis of Brotherhood, Cesare Borgia. Except all of this cool stuff, there was another one which was the appearance of the Abstergo logo.

As we talked, Abstergo was showcased as a Video Games studio in Black Flag. This malignant corporation fronting the modern-day templars makes this even more of a sinister. Based on all that, we can easily say that Assassin’s Creed is connected with two big Ubi titles. And Not to mention, besides Watch_Dogs and For Honor, the chances of Far Cry connections aren’t on a full stop either. Also, the upcoming spiritual successor of Black Flag, Skull and Bones may also be a likely candidate for this timeline as well.

The Second and Maybe a Substitute Timeline

Now for Far Cry, all of this seem new. Given the fact that only recently the games started to connect to each other through their similar premises. From Complex villains to the feeling of being alone in the world, everything is as similar as the last one. Although Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed have a complex connection, Far Cry still connects with one of another big Ubisoft title.

Surprisingly it is Splinter Cell. Even though the beloved Sam Fisher doesn’t make any appearance, you can find various notes signed with his initials. All of them refers to Far Cry 5’s nuclear fallout ending. Other references to the Division in Chicago can also be found which is another one of Ubisoft big titles and also how Sam mentions about going to Washington DC to find Sarah. The Divison 2 is based in Washington DC and this may mean a deeper connection than we may have expected so far. Not to mention how Sam Fisher’s original voice actor returned after a brief hiatus in Ghost Recons Wildlands.

Sam’s references to Solid’s Snake were good but one major info that connects Far Cry with Splinter Cell is a piece of key information that Karen gives Sam. She uses the word “Empty Quiver” which is the U.S military terminology. It is used for the seizure, theft or loss of a functioning nuclear weapon. With all of this and Far Cry 5’s nuclear ending, all of this is way too big to be just coincidental. It should also be noted that all the Clancy games are connected.

The Inclusion of Clancyverse

It is safe to assume that all Tom Clancy titles are connected with each other. This means that there is an entire Clancyverse that exists within the universes created by Ubisoft. And interestingly, the Clancyverse seems to be a part of the Universe of Far Cry. And if Ubisoft manages to somehow fix the universal timeline problems in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, we can say that it is way more than just crossovers. With all the leading Ubisoft titles in one universe, we can already picture a worthy competitor to the likes of Marvel or DC.

The Final and A Compiling Timeline

The last timeline consists of the games that don’t seem too obvious to be included in the shared universe. With games like Beyond Good and Evil, The Crew, Rayman and Starlink left, we can say it doesn’t seem a big deal at all. Now if we exclude The Crew from the list, all of these games also have one common factor. It is that all of them are set in all different worlds specific for their own franchise. We can already see the possibility of Starlink and Beyond Good and Evil’s crossover. As there is a possibility of space travel within their universes that are likely common in many aspects.

And if you are wondering about where the Rabbids fit in as they have connections with all three timelines. Luckily there is a factor that doesn’t anchor them to any fixed dimensions. In Raving Rabbids Travel in Time, its established that they have a time machine. Yes, a time machine that is made out of a washing machine. By using this they cause mischief and change various parts of history in their particular image. Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle took this concept one step further. They established the feature that the device is also able to travel to different universes. In this case, its the Nintendo Super Mario Universe which obviously isn’t a part of any Ubisoft timeline.

More Ambitious Crossovers Possible?

This means that the Rabbids can easily hop in between dimensions either inside or outside Ubisoft’s canon. And since they’re not very bright and are known to causing ripples in the space-time continuum by incompetence or mischief, you’ll find continuity issues. Issues like key items outside of this theorized established timelines. It would become very legit to blame the Rabbids for that. So Rabbids are able to travel between any of these timelines. Though obviously not intentionally which would be very frightening. Is Rabbids being the bridge between timelines? Who knows what mischief and chaos they planned. Ubisoft may also find opportunities for easter eggs and crossovers through their recent team up with Nintendo. Which may signal other Nintendo titles to crossover with Ubisoft games. All we need to do is wait for Ubisoft to pull up another of their ambitious crossovers.

Ubisoft’s Decision to Tease and Avoid Risky Issues


Ubisoft seems to have a wish to create a universe similar to the MCU but we all know how risky that is for a AAA developer. Since video game crossovers are hard to exist and given the fact the bigger franchises include more transmedia, it seems even riskier. Ubisoft may not be in a position to take that type of risk anytime soon. Yet many things seem to be going well for Ubisoft and the year 2020 may turn out to be one of their best ones. But for creating a properly written and existing universe that makes sense, Ubisoft would have to find more than just ambition.

They might have to make another franchise that may help them deal with the timelines and universes issues if they are faced by it. Until then we can only make speculations on what is going within the plannings of Ubisoft. And since Ubisoft is one of the biggest teasers in the video game industry, it makes it even harder to decode their intentions.

Ubisoft’s Maybe Teasing as Well

The way Ubisoft teases their titles is amazing, but teasing a possibility of a single universe. A universe composed of the most major titles of Ubisoft and the possibility of its existence is even more exciting. But the question is whether Ubisoft does it or not? Will they plan another franchise for this? Are they even planning it or not? We cannot say anything for now. But we will keep you updated as we catch up more of this speculative news. Until then don’t forget to follow us throughout the amazing year of 2020. Also, write down in the comments whether you like the idea of a single Ubisoft universe. And what do you think will work for them. Which crossovers were your favourite and why you liked it? Be sure to leave the comments.

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