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TSM welcomes streamer Greekgodx

TSM has officially recruited Twitch streamer Greekgodx into their organization as a content creator.

Team SoloMid has recently revealed a new content creator for the organisation. TSM announced Greekgodx to be the newest Twitch streamer to join in the organization. According to the organisation, he will be creating content for team’s branding. He will also be working with Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and Myth. Bjergsen has been quite popular in the professional League of Legends scene, while Myth is better known for his professional Fortnite career.

Team SoloMid posted a video to announce Greekgodx’s arrival to the organisation. The video featured him in a Western-style setting. In the video, he told that he had just arrived to Texas. He added that his arrival wouldn’t be possible without TSM’s support. He also said his fans that they can expect content in the incoming days.

Greekgodx has been teasing his fans in the past week. Earlier, he had posted a tweet saying “announcement video soon”. This caused his fan base to wonder and speculate what it might mean. Not long after, Greekgodx photoshopped images began to appear around the internet. Many people were making different edits by merging TSM’s merch and the streamer’s pictures.

There was also another hint a few months ago. Greekgodx had told his fans that he was applying for a U.S. visa. He also let people know about his new room in the States.

Greekgodx will be streaming in his official Twitch page as usual. However, this time around, he will also be making quality content for Team SoloMid from his new home in Texas.

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