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Top 10 games that deserve sequels

Here are our top 10 picks for games we believe are well overdue for a sequel.

Have you ever been so disappointed after a sequel to your favorite game wasn’t announced at E3? Because we have, more times than we would like to admit.  The fact is, some of gaming’s most iconic franchises really hit their stride with a sequel. Examples include: Halo 2, Portal 2, Uncharted II, Assassin’s Creed II, and Mass Effect 2 etc. These are just some of the games that pulled it off. They refined their mechanics and offered bigger, more ambitious experiences than their predecessors. That is what now brings us to this list. Some of these games may be gone (permanently), but are not forgotten. Here are the top 10 games that deserve or should have received a sequel but never did or should/could even possibly make a return in the next gen line-up:

Bully 2

Bully 2 is a prime example of one of the reasons most gamers have trust issues. It’s always the same, from mentions of its development, then years of silence, only for it to come back around again. This cycle repeats over and over.

The developer has been kicking around the idea of a successor since 2008 – even going as far as writing up scenes and an outline of the story – it seems the highly-anticipated sequel simply just “never got off the ground.” Rockstar co-founder, and GTA and Red Dead Redemption writer, Dan Houser and his team had finished a script for the game as early as 2008, which included the initial scenes and an outline of the rest of the plot.

However, momentum “fizzled out” and the team was gradually redeployed to other projects. “It existed, it was playable, it was just a shame it never got off the ground,” a Rockstar source stated.

It’s thought the story once again starred the protagonist Jimmy and reprised many returning characters. Though it kicked off at the end of a school year in Jimmy’s stepfather’s home, a “second well-placed source” reveals the team couldn’t decide where the full story would take Jimmy, “and that depicting some of his time back in education, perhaps at school or college, was one option being discussed”.

Remember Me 2

Back in 2013, it was looking as though a Remember Me 2 was a foregone conclusion. Dontnod Entertainment’s big debut Remember Me was a sci-fi action game published by Capcom in 2013. The game’s reviews were positive rather than glowing, but most agreed that, although the combat wasn’t the most impeccable, the design of its future Paris and the cyberpunk story told within it were both strong. 

So, it was a surprise that the game fizzled out especially after Dontnod announced that they allegedly had the story for Remember Me 2 completed. The creative director Jean-Maxime Moris stated, “We know what we would do for Remember Me 2. The main story has been written [and] we know what we would add to the recipe. We know what we would fix. It’s a game that’s ready to be made, but that decision is Capcom’s to make.”

However, from the looks, of it, Capcom did not make that decision. The game’s reportedly slow sales were probably the reason that made them more than a little reluctant to order a sequel. In our opinion, if the publisher was/is willing to take the risk, this could have been the start of a solid franchise.

Half-life 3

Valve’s iconic first-person adventure game forever changed the industry when it came out in 1998, and upped its legacy again with Half-Life 2 in 2004. This hs been one of the most hyped and most requested sequel of all time considering we’ve never gotten a true conclusion to Gordon Freeman’s story.

The first two games in the series were groundbreaking for their time. Before these titles, players never experienced such a large, detailed world mixed with fantastic controls and intelligent puzzles. We don’t think the conclusion to the saga will be able to be as groundbreaking, but it could wrap up a story we’ve been invested in for two decades. 

The game has been teased for decades and still to this day the studio doesn’t stop. It’s an elusive sequel that still remains a mystery. In 2017, Valve writer Marc Laidlaw broke the internet when he updated his blog with a mysterious letter that appeared to contain the plot summary for his version of Half-Life 3. Then, only recently, it was teased by Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve, at Valve Index’s launch party back in July 2019. 

He said that “Milestones aren’t really the end of anything, they’re really the beginning. So Half-Life led to Half-Life 2, Source led to Source 2, the experiments that we did with Team Fortress 2 were what enabled us to build Dota… So, maybe someday the number 2 will lead us to that shiny integer glowing on a mountain someplace… we’ll just have to see.”

Cheeky much? (ugh) We’re so tired of waiting but man, would that be something if it did come?!!

L.A. Noire 2

In this Noir style who-dunnit by Rockstar Games, gamers had the chance to step into a new space. Unlike GTA, players were no longer were just blowing up cars, evading police, or completing missions. Instead, we were using our skills of deduction. You had to think to get through this game. It was the Sherlock Holmes of games, where progression was impossible if you didn’t have a keen investigative eye. As detective Cole Phelps, players went from walking the beat to becoming one of LA’s top homicide detectives, picking up clues, following leads, interrogating witness, analysing statements, letters, records. All this while chasing a serial killer at large, it’s simply fantastic. 

L.A. Noire took seven years for Team Bondi to develop, which accounts for the game’s ambition. While the game was critically acclaimed upon release and sold very well, it was also an expensive title to develop. However, Rockstar did make a statement years back saying, ”Don’t count out the possibility of a new game in the L.A. Noire franchise in the future. We simply have not decided anything. We’re all very pleased with how that game turned out and are considering what the future may hold for L.A. Noire as a series.” 

Frankly, if Rockstar ever gives us an LA Noire 2, we wouldn’t even be mad if we never get a Bully 2, it’s a fair trade.

The Order: 1886 (7)?

When the PS4 launched it didn’t have a lot of games. Some were good, some were great, and some like The Order 1886 were technical marvels with amazing graphics. 

In the game players join an elite band of Knights, called The Order. They help to keep the world safe from half-breeds, such as werewolves and vampires, and also organisations rebelling against the government. Players “join a centuries-old war against a powerful threat that will determine the course of history forever.” 

The critical reviews of the game were mixed, with some praise given to to game’s production value, graphics and technical achievements. However, The Order: 1886 was criticised for its length, short-sighted mechanics, story, gameplay and replay value. It did however, also have massive potential. The world and characters were interesting, the custom-built engine was impressive, and what was there was decent. It just that well, there wasn’t enough of it.

That all said, given that Sony Interactive Entertainment owns the IP, if a sequel is actually in development, it would have to have been greenlighted by it. Although if we consider the reception to the first game, it’s hard to believe Sony would order a sequel. Unfortunately, at this point all we can do is speculate.

Skate 4

Following the catastrophic downfall of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series, fan interest in skateboarding video games apparently sank to the point where EA lost interest in pursuing the genre. The Skate series was EA’s answer to this. 

The first 2 games released in 2007 and 2009 respectively, and both sold exceptionally well and it was fast on its way to dethroning Tony Hawk as the king of the genre. It retained very similar gameplay, the biggest differentiator was its “Flick-it” trick system, which allowed players to perform tricks on the fly by simply flicking the analog stick in a number of different directions.

So, when EA reactivated Skate 3’s servers prior to E3 2018, fans believed an announcement was imminent. Unfortunately, it’s been all quiet on the Skate front since then. The publisher has refrained from either confirming or denying the existence of a new entry in its famed sports action franchise. Skate 3 continues to be played and enjoyed by thousands even today. You can’t go on EA’s official instagram without seeing a cluster of comments with nothing more to say than “Skate 4.” Even celebrities such as Tyler, The Creator are desperate for a new instalment.

But who knows? Perhaps Skate 4 will be an EA surprise launch title for the PS5 or Xbox Project Scarlett?

Brutal Legend 2

This is a game you’ll probably either be extremely familiar with, or not know of at all. Double Fine’s Brutal Legend’s heavy metal-inspired story and world blended with its unique take on action adventure and RTS combat action-adventure, real-time-strategy hybrid was a completely new concept not seen anywhere. It’s set in a medieval fantasy world where heavy metal is, well, everything. The game featured an incredible voice performance by Jack Black & Ozzy Osbourne. Not to mention, hilarious writing and characters from Double Fine’s director Tim Shaffer. The game was well-received and has since gained a fair cult following. So, naturally people are asking when we’re getting a sequel. Tim Schaffer has stated that Brutal Legend 2 will happen eventually. Frankly, we’d love to see the continuation of this epic tale. 

Unfortunately, the launch of Brutal Legend was filled with controversy. Activision and EA ended up fighting over publishing rights. Thus forcing Shaffer and his studio Double Fine to sever ties with Activision. Furthermore, there was a miscommunication between EA and Double Fine, the supposed ‘greenlit’ sequel to Brütal Legend, which was to include a world three times larger than the original, was scrapped during the development process. It’s been 9 years and at this point, it’s unlikely the sequel will ever see the light of day. 

However, Double Fine was acquired by Microsoft and is part of Xbox Game Studios so, you never know.

Bloodborne 2

Bloodborne is without a doubt FromSoftware’s most iconic series. The first Bloodborne garnered praise from critics and players alike. Precisely, for its fast but somewhat-forgiving combat and rich Lovecraftian horror theme. With the recent release of Dark Souls Remastered, everyone is diving right back into the beloved masochism. The Souls-inspired lovechild of the became an instant hit back in 2015. Not to mention, it’s subsequent highly-acclaimed DLC only left fans crying for more. With the announcement that Dark Souls 3 would be the last for the indefinite future, there is definitely a place for more Bloodborne. FromSoftware director Hidetaka Miyazaki confirmed that among his stellar catalog of games, Bloodborne is his favorite. However, he revealed that the prospect of a sequel to the brutally challenging action-RPG, Bloodborne, is out of his hands. Bloodborne 2’s true decision-maker is most likely Sony, the game’s publisher. 

Despite an unwavering and voracious insistence by fans for a sequel neither developer FromSoftware nor Sony has commented on whether it could become a reality. A reason being that they may feel it doesn’t correlate with the company’s mainstream audience in the way other titles do. However, it’s still possible Bloodborne 2 will come to the PlayStation 5 at some point in the future.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Another Sony exclusive that took the world by storm was Horizon Zero Dawn. Launching back in February 2017, Guerrilla Games’ newest title was a hit with reviewers and players alike. It’s breath-taking environments, monolithic mechanical animals, and captivating plot came together to form a near-perfect RPG experience. All of this, made it one of the most memorable SIE releases in recent memory. So, is there a sequel coming? Well, Guerrilla has not yet confirmed that it will release a sequel for Horizon Zero Dawn. However, back in summer 2018 executive game producer Angie Smets made a statement to clarify. “I can’t really talk about what’s next, but we obviously didn’t invest seven years into creating this big, rich world and all of the technology for nothing,” she said. “I hope everyone is super excited for the future.”

So, it has not been announced but the good news is, it’s definitely coming from the sounds of it. Most likely, it’s anticipated to be released on the PS5… eventually.

Elder Scrolls VI

This one is a no-brainer. One only needs to take a peek at the success of the previous instalment, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, to understand why a sequel should happen. Skyrim has sold over 30 million copies to date and been released on almost every gaming platform in existence. So, the potential for a new game given all the advancements in terms of gameplay quality and mechanics since then, is just simply too good to pass up.

The good news is, the game was announced at Bethesda’s E3 2018 conference to already be in development. The bad news is, Bethesda’s director and executive producer Todd Howard said it is “going to be a long time” before we get to see it.

Well, there you have it folks. Our top 10 games that we feel absolutely deserve to get sequels. The question is how many of these “wishes” will come true? Only time will tell.

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