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The Secret History of Elder Scrolls Universe

The Elder Scrolls Franchise Lore Facts You May Not Know

The Elder Scrolls franchise famous for its vast, beautiful, immersive and substantial open world with engrossing RPG gameplay and an engaging storyline. Developed by the most talented minds from Bethesda Game Studios, this game beautifully fulfils its promise to take the player to a very immersive journey throughout its world. From Morrowind to Skyrim, the game is more than just enough to take your consciousness out of this real world and fully immerse it into the world of Elder Scrolls. The Elder Scrolls History is worth reading but it is usually disregarded. Now, We will discover Elder Scrolls History. We will be looking at Khajiits, cannibalism of bosmers, the fact that nords worship devil, Sheogorath’s Possible Existence, M’aiq The Liar, skyrim’s ownership and finally Queen Barenziah.

From the time The Elder Scrolls franchise has grown pretty well and has been also adored not only by fans but the newcomers too. It’s actually pretty amazing how The Elder Scrolls manages to catch their consumer’s attention even with all the gameplay and narrative being so huge and complicated for a consumer to get over with. As the franchise grew, the lore of The Elder Scrolls grew tremendously great and balanced as well but due to its complexity, many consumers may don’t know some very eye-catching facts that are hidden but still shows how amazingly the lore of The Elder Scrolls coincides with its narrative and gameplay and is a true showcasing of Bathesda’s pure Artistic form.

So, here are some historical facts about the lore of this immersive franchise that you may not know.

Species of Khajiit

We will be starting the Elder Scrolls History with the Race of Khajiits. Khajiits was an absolute choice since Khajiits are one of the best races to immerse yourself within the game but what makes them special is their culture and their way of interactivity with their surroundings. Their expertise in stealth and combat in their very own unique way is what makes them so immersive throughout the game.

But one fact you may be unaware of is that both a Khajiit’s Appearance and Physiology actually depends on the Lunar Lattice of the moons Masser and Secunda at the time of their birth. While the main variants of Khajiit are distributed into four groups, whereas each depending on Nirn’s larger moon phase. Depending on Nirn’s larger moon phases which are phases of Masser, the Khajjit will take on one of four major Appearances. While the four groups are more varaint depending on the phase of Nirn’s smaller moon which is Secunda. The variations due Nirn’s smaller moon are much more subtle than the variations due to Nirn’s larger moon. In all there are seventeen known breeds of Khajiit, and this is amazing due to the fact that the game has focused so deeply even on the way of their existence.

Cannibalism of Bosmers

Another very interesting and legit Elder Scrolls History fact is about the cannibalistic nature of the Bosmers. As much as many people love them so much and it is so sad to admit it but still it wouldn’t be wrong to point out their cannibalism since they are definitely cannibals. They follow a religion called the Green Pact and hold special reverence for the Valenwood, they never cut down the trees or use the wood to build houses. Instead they use imported wood for their needs and also build cities in open land. Which also means that they don’t eat plants, they only consume meat which extend to the enemies they have slain in combat. You can actually find an aspect of the Bosmer which allows them to revert to their primeval animal aspects and is called Wild Hunt.

The Nords Worships the Devil

Lorkhan, The Devil

Next on the Elder Scrolls History, we have Lorkhan. The snake who we all know was executed for betraying the Gods and causing massive disturbance over the universe also perceived as Lorkhan, in almost every religion, is essentially the devil. Now Lorkhan is Shor, the Lord of Sovngarde, the Hoarfather of the Atmorans to the Nords of Skyrim. He is their Warrior King who gave his life defending the Wandering Ehlnofey from their enemies.

To be honest it seems the most interesting thing about the Nords. Even the Imperials who respect Lorkhan as Shezarr, don’t see him a s their fallen Father. Yet they perceive him as a wandering hero who helped them out occasionally. Which makes the religious conflict in Skyrim much more essential and meaningful because the Nords are not just fighting for Tiber Septim, but Ysmir, Shor’s Tongue. The same war fought in the Dawn Era is being seen to be fought once more, all the while Alduin who killed Shor is returning.

Sheogorath’s Possible Existence

This Elder Scrolls History fact may be a short one but still it’s quite an eye-catching fact that Sheogorath may possibly be the player character from the game, Oblivion. When you meet Sheogorath in the mind of Pelagius the Mad, it’s a great possibility of him actually being the player character from the previous game, Oblivion.

This fact has become quite notable as we have saw him mentions a few things like blood, chees, a fox, butterflies and a severed head which definitely are a possibility of references to certain things from Oblivion. Also, in Oblivion, he mentions that when the Greymarch is over, the player character will take over as Sheogorath. So, there is a bigger possibility that the player character literally became Sheogorath and still is 200 years after the Oblivion Crisis.

M’aiq The Liar

Now this one is a fun one yet it is very interesting is that it is unknown why M’aiq the Liar makes an appearance in nearly every Elder Scrolls game. He may be some sort of easter egg intended by the developers and some sources even state that he may also be the oldest living character in the Elder Scrolls history, possibly even rivaling Divayth Fyr who was 4000 years old in Morrowind, but did not appear in Skyrim which creates some doubtful scenarios as well.

What makes it interesting even more to explore is the fact that he appears in The Elder Scrolls Online game which takes place a millennium before the events of Skyrim and 800 decades before the events of Morrowind and Oblivion.

He could, in fact be a part of a family tree where every father-son were called M’aiq or he could the same person having an exceptionally amazing lifespan for a Khajiit.

Skyrim’s Ownership

Skyrim didn’t always belong to the Nords as we have known so far. Instead the Falmer, also known as the Snow Elves, were the original denizens of the icy region. They settled there and built cities and a suitable economy in Skyrim a long-time before any humans ever set their foot onto the Throat of the World.

Eventually humans did find their way into Skyrim and settled there at an exceptional pace. At first, the ancestors of the Nords lived in harmony with the Snow Elves but eventually the peace did not last long and Unfortunately, the Snow Elves were nearly wiped out of existence in the ensuring war and fled underground where they faced an impossible choice of either going extinct or being enslaved by the Dwemer.

The Snow Elves chose enslavement and the Dwemer forced the Snow Elves to eat poisonous mushrooms which warped the Falmer, rendering them the blind and powerless creatures we see in Skyrim. The vicious and violent Falmer we fight are actually the products of enslavement, poisoning and huge amounts of desperations within their souls.

Queen Barenziah

You can explore her life as its documented as an impacting story in The Real Barenziah, books from 1 to 5.

She held a title of Queen of Morrowind and also as Queen of Wayrest. And she was also alive since the time Talos united Tamriel up till the events backing The Elder Scrolls Morrowind. She resided in the Royal Palace and was the Queen Mother of Morrowind throughout the game.

The story of so many characters including most of the Septim rulers are covered by her life as it spans upto 4 provinces and you slowly begin to process and understand the sub stories of others. The fact is quite eye catching that she had so much sex with other characters including Tiber Septim and a guy called Nightingale, she even had sex with a Khajiit which at first seems daunting but still is quite subtle for a character like hers.

Her daughter with the Nightingale served Nocturnal while the grand daughter was the one, we interacted with in Skyrim known as Karliah. As of the events of Skyrim, her Royal Palace in Morrowind is empty but her death isn’t confirmed at all. I mean we rarely knew any characters who were alive since Arena all the way up to the end of Morrowind. As we know she is near 430 years old and if she survived the events up to Skyrim then she would be surely 640 years old and might make an exceptionally legit appearance in The Elder Scrolls VI.

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