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The personality traits of the Hitman, Agent 47

Hitman: The Other Side of 47’s Personality that we never Noticed

47, a man so dangerous and unstoppable to achieve his goals, a man who can complete any task without any interference from emotional instincts and is a professional cold-blooded Assassin who is more commonly known to the gamers by the name of Hitman. He is the man that could stealthily kill the Pope while he is still in the Pope’s mobile, the man who can easily plant a strong blackmailing content on the President while still being the most trustee person to him as well, the one who cannot be stopped for what he is tasked with. But what makes him so emotionally dominant and so much different from other humans we see in our day to day lives, and what other personality traits he has got and what caused him to grow those traits? All of these are so many questions seeming completely different to each other, yet all are interconnected with a single question relating to The Hitman’s human emotions and personality. So here we decided to extract some important incidents that occurred throughout the franchise which solely focuses on 47’s other side of his personality and how it has impacted him overtime and what it can lead to in the future. Let’s get right into those incidents to explore what makes this cold-blooded Assassin much more than just a contract killer for hire, as we go through some incidents while referencing the installment in the franchise they are captured from.

Hitman: Codename 47

Of course, the beginning of the analysis should begin with what actually begun this immersive and engaging story of this Assassin. In the very early parts of the game where we see our protagonist 47 in an Asylum and we soon figure out that 47 is actually a clone. A clone who was created by a criminal mastermind doctor known as Dr Ort Meyer, who after various failed experiments was blessed with his success who was none other than 47, the perfect killing machine he ever wanted to create. A hitman with no personality, morals or sense of justice. As 47’s name applies which is quite predictable as well that there were actually 46 failed or incomplete or maybe imperfect experiments before his perfection. Being a clone, 47 was programmed to be the perfect killer from the host of genetic donors, his genetic development and creation were sculpted to make the Master Assassin from the very first day while molding his personality to be cold and unemotional and eventually that led to making him one the most dangerous cold blooded killers to date. His genetic donors were around the world and a vast majority of them were highly skilled Mastermind Criminals and Expert Professionals, giving him the unnatural ability to look as though he could fits anywhere and not to mention the intellectual and analytical abilities and his problem solving skills as much as habit to adapt very quick with respect to his surroundings.

Agent 47’s backstory:

As for 47’s early which is even more mysterious yet interesting enough to dominate your yawns, it turned out that the Assassin grew up in an Asylum which was run by the same Dr Ort Meyer responsible for his and many other professional killer clones too, the doctor eventually believed that 47 was his most successful and promising creation of all. During his Childhood and Adolescence, 47 was as much as we can expect very quiet and Anti-Social and was tormented and treated horribly again and again to completely brainwash him that no trace of emotions should be left in his body that may become an imperfection for the Doctor’s master plan to create a perfect killer of all time. He attempted to completely erase any form of personality that could contradict a Hitman’s job. Even with being through all these horrible incidents, still there was a time where the young 47 adopted a runaway lab rabbit and secretly petted him as a boy. As much as it seems unbelievable and iffy, still it seemed that the boy actually cared for the rabbit and was willing to take care of him as time passes, but what happened later on is still unknown and a mystery but still impacts 47’s personality very immensely while questioning the possibility of his inner humanity as well.

Within the entire Hitman storyline there is an underlined question that makes everyone scratches their heads all the time that If someone is genetically created and trained from birth for a specific cause and to become something, does that means they must follow this path or do they have any choices too? Is a Hitman’s personality nonexistent or can it be nurtured? This question is indeed a very complicated one and still we begin to witness this exact question forming the backstory of the cold-blooded Hitman, who was genetically engineered to not have any emotions, in addition to having an unnatural Human Physique and even more professional skillsets alongside various intellectual and analytical as much as physical knowledge and abilities as well. Yet despite all that we saw him caring for a lost rabbit and also throughout the game we also see that he intentionally tries not to hurt innocents unless they know too much or are in the way of completing his tasks or objectives that are related to the mission or the contract he is tasked with.

These moral ideas and attachments definitely shouldn’t be present in a killer who was created for this very purpose, let alone a man who was genetically and socially engineered to simply don’t feel anything about the human life, yet his humanity breakthrough every once in a while.

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin

After sometime we saw even more of our beloved 47 in the sequel which picks just where the first ends, after killing the wicked Dr Ort Meyers, our hero unceremoniously resigns from his position at ICA by faking his own death. The ICA by the way is International Contracts Agency and is basically 47’s employer. With knowing from his past and knowing that he is alive, Agent 47 attempts to leave a life of killing by retreating to a church in Sicilia, where he shows off his empathic personality, a side of him which is much more compassionate and nurturing as he attempts to assemble his life to a regular life which is pretty interesting given the fact for a man who was created to destroy life, could be so skilled in growing life as well.

Agent 47 mentor:

Also, a priest there who ran the church known as Father Vittorio eventually becomes 47’s best friend and his mentor as well. The priest is abducted to which 47 has no clue about and therefore goes back to work for the ICA under the agreement that the agency will help in finding the missing priest. Eventually, 47 goes through various incidents within the Sicilian and Russian Mafia and finally finds and frees the abducted priest companion of his. Father Vittorio is now free of his abductors and begs 47 to give up the life of a killer and live the righteous path. However, 47 decides that he is incapable of finding the inner peace that he decided at the beginning of the game and assumes his life as a Hitman. The entire storyline of the installment is intriguing because the entire game revolves around 47 attempting to find and rescue his priest companion, yet 47 is a man without emotional capability. Of course, it is clear that the priest meant a lot to 47 as we say the things, he goes through to save him. An apparent contradiction in the Hitman’s personality development.

We also witnessed 47 struggling with his genetic mold and upbringing these desires to feel and maintain morals which was clearly exemplified during his gardening role at the church. A cold-blooded killer lacking the emotions of a normally residing human would certainly not have any interest in gardening since gardening is something that creates life from basically nothing and later on nurturing that plant alongside caring for it is complete contrary to a personality type like 47. Hitman’s personality contrast between this lifestyle and 47’s Assassin life is important and shouldn’t be overlooked because it shows that beneath his hardcore Murder exterior, the man is a human with the wants and needs of people like you and me which obviously questions the possibility of a deeper meaning behind the cracks in 47’s emotional armor.

Hitman Contracts and Blood Money

We are going to dive through these two entries together because these are the installments that focused on 47’s backstory the least. While contracts don’t even showcase anything other than little details during his conversations with Diana, Blood Money on the other hand did provided an extra layer of character development to the human side of the complicated and complex mind of our protagonist.

Throughout the entire storyline the most noticed part of Hitman’s emotional personality is his relationship with a bird. It is clear that 47 has grown fond of the cute bird  but by the end in order to help conceal his whereabouts, 47 coldly snaps the bird’s neck. This speaks to the humanity peeking out of the cracks in the murder armor of 47 we’ve been discussing lately. As well as how we now see 47 seemed to be pulled in two different directions, where at one point he can show affection for a cute animal friend only to murder that same animal friend later on a moment unnoticed, there is a purer and more innocent side of him that feels human then there’s a side of him that kills people cold-blooded. But the question arises that which side of 47 is the real one. And the answer to that question is much interesting as much as its quite iffy which is that the real side is clearly the human side.

Despite years of Training and Genetic tempering, 47 continuously tries to pull back from a life of a murderer but is dragged back to it again and again and feels trapped by his past. But there is an even more interesting layer that solidifies this statement of 47’s human side confirmation which is shown in the next installment in the franchise.

Hitman Absolution

As in Hitman Absolution the emotional side of 47 faces a huge and difficult examination of patience and challenge as his mist trusted handler from the Agency, Diana Burntwood goes rogue and he’s contracted to kill her which he eventually did in a non-cold-blooded way as 47 comforts his dying friend during her last moments which shows extreme humanity for a personality like 47. After leaving his friend, he eventually goes on a rescue mission for the girl Diana was trying to save whose name is Victoria and is also a young clone who was about to suffer the same fate 47 suffered in his youth which questions whether 47 is a murderer or a hero and is explicitly shown even more throughout recent entries as well.


So that explains 47’s life and the internal conflict that has pledged him since childhood while raised and genetically engineered to be a cold-blooded killer, still his true personality comes very often in some rare but emotional moments throughout the franchise. At his core 47 is pulled between two directions, One what he was meant to be and One who he truly is. 

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