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The ASC launches new esports division, Atlanta Esports Alliance.

Atlanta Sports Council (ASC) just gave birth to Atlanta Esports Alliance (AEA)

The growth of the esports and gaming event in the metro Atlanta area took another boost with the announcement of the launch of the AEA esports division by the ASC. 

The new team joins other Atlanta based teams like Atlanta FaZe, that is also fairly new, Atlanta Reign and Hawkes Talon to compete with the rest of the community from the area. Other teams like Mammoth Scuf Gaming, Hi-Rez Studios and ELEAGUE also have a strong affiliation with the city of Atlanta.

What is the aim of the new alliance?

The new alliance plans to expand the esports culture to the area with new venues and opportunity around the area by enticing new partners and esports service providers. 

The parent company, Atlanta Esports Alliance is already attracting partnership and goodwill from the industry for the daughter company. They wasted little time in announcing Bas Bruinekool,  Director of Global Festivals and Vice President of DreamHackas an honorary board member as part of its 25th-anniversary celebration.

Bruinekool has some good words about the AEA & ASC’s venture and the general growth of esports in Atlanta. According to him, he is delighted with the progress of the esports industry in Atlanta in which Dreamhack was helped kick start 25 years ago. He proudly recollected the contribution of DreamHack in the growth of the esports industry and bringing the first festival to Atlanta three years ago. He expressed his feeling of honor and optimism for been an honorary member of the Esports Alliance. As well as the growth of esports community in Atlanta, and the world in general.

As part of its passion for the advancement of the esports industry in Atlanta, the ASC inaugurated the championship hosting Division in 2017. This was done for the production and organization of major esports events in the area. Those efforts will most likely be in conjunction with Atlanta Esports Alliance.

What did the ASC have to say about it?

The president of Atlanta Sports Council Dan Corso, was in enthusiastic mode when explaining his company drive. As well as the vision behind the establishment of his company’s new initiative. He explained their goal of thinking was to make esports a dominating force in the sports industry. And also make Atlanta not only the hotspot of esports but a major contributor to the city’s economy.

The establishment of the AEA by the ASC is a collective effort among several stakeholders in the esports industry. It includes media partners, hardware manufacturers, game developers and cooperation of team owners. Team owners such as Skillshot Media and Georgia Game Developers.

The newly appointed Chairman of the Atlanta esports Alliance sports is Todd Harris, CEO of Skillshot Media. He also aired his view on the venture. He believed Atlanta is a leading city in esports franchising. Harris stated that Atlanta has a state of the art infrastructure and venues to host major events. He also opined the experienced local personnel in different capacity like team organizers, diverse professional esports teams. As well as publishers and esports craze community that make the city a top esports community. In his opinion, the entire Atalanta’ss ecosystem with a higher education system that embraced esports, business-ready investors and the ready audience will take Atlanta to the pinnacle of Esports.

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