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T1 esports team recruit PieLieDie

PieLieDie out of his break to join T1

T1 efforts to expand their horizon and replicate the same success they have in the League of Legends received a great boost. T1 have successfully taken Johan “PieLieDie” Åström out his short break and secured his services for the upcoming season of Dota 2. He took a break after his former team Newbee was disbanded.

PieLiedie, who is a veteran of Dota 2 is now a T1 player after the announcement on Valve’s website. He is a versatile player with loads of Major’s experience under his belt. PieLieDie will likely play for T1 in his preferred position 5 role. He can also play in the position 4 role, where he played in Team Secret.

T1 recently announced the plan to organise its own Dota 2 team. And it appears T1 are going for experience as by recently signing another veteran, the South Korean veteran Lee “Forev” Sang-don, that was before signing PieDieLie. Forev was part of the five-man roster team that introduced the team in VKGame battle of the dawn. The rest of that roster didn’t stick around.

Adding PieLieDie and Forever to T1 is certainly a good start for them as they try to find their feet in Dota 2. But with the Dream League Season 13 qualifier starting on the 1st day of next month, the team will need to add more signings to their roster as soon as possible if they are considering been part of that competition.

Who else is on the cards for T1 to recruit?

The good news for T1 is there are available experienced names they can attract to their roster if they act quick enough. The notable one is Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng. MidOne has been on an extended break for a while after playing for Team Secret for 3 years. He is currently on the inactive roster and he is one addition that can make T1’s roster competitive.

 Other inactive or independent players such as the likes of Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung and Milan “MiLAN” Kozomara are worthy Investment that can give the team a chance of a great first season in the Dota 2 League. 

We will keep our fingers crossed till T1 management releases the team roster, as there has been no official announcement on the team as of today. They have about two weeks to get this right in time for the Second set of Dota Pro Circuit.

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