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Support Kellex leaves Overwatch indefinitely

Kellex announced his retirement from playing professional Overwatch after being Toronto Defiant’s main support.

Kristian “Kellex” Keller has recently announced his retirement from professionally competing in Overwatch. He had been playing in Toronto Defiant’s roster for the past six months as their main support. His departure will also mean that the team will be needing a new support for the weekend Overwatch League matches.

Kellex first started his career in the professional Overwatch scene back in 2016. He had signed with Fragsters in his first three months. Later on, he moved to Grand Danois and then to Team Singularity.  Kellex’ latest gig was with Toronto Defiant. The team included him into the roster before the start of the 2020 season. At the time, Toronto Defiant was also making huge changes in their Overwatch rosters. The team was replacing their players with Western national players to favour the new format.

In his statement, Kellex said that it was hard for him to leave the team. He told that he talked about his decision with his close friends and family members. However, he added that he believed it was the right decision for himself. Kellex also thanked Toronto Defiant and his fans for supporting him through his career. There has been no further information about Kellex’ future career.

KariV and RoKy

Toronto Defiant will now need to make quick adjustments in their roster before the week 13 of the matches. Kellex departure means that someone else need to be assigned for the main support position. One possible option for the team to put into the support position is Young-seo “KariV” Park. In similar situations, Toronto Defiant often opted him to fill in the support role in the past.

However, there is also Joo-seong “RoKy” Park in the roster. RoKy has been playing for Toronto Defiant since the end of 2018. The team might also put him in the main support role considering his past experience.

On the other hand, Toronto Defiant will have their next match at Overwatch League week 13 on 3 May. They will be facing Los Angeles Gladiators in the last match of the week.

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