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Steel Assault heading to PC via Steam in 2020.

Developer Zenovia reveals Steel Assault is coming to PC via Steam at the end of this year with new trailer.

Developer Zenovia has announced the release date for retro-inspired 2D action platformer Steel Assault on PC, via the game’s Steam page going live. For those unfamiliar, in the game, players control Tato Takahashi. A resistance soldier armed with a zip-line to overthrow a dictator’s post-apocalyptic America. Inspired by retro 16-bit side scrolling games, players slide and whip across numerous stages that evokes Megaman Zero. You can find the Steam trailer below.

Here is an overview of the game’s key features, via its official website:

  • Fast-Paced 2D Platforming – Dynamic, fluid side-scrolling combat with a stylish moveset and tons of enemies / bosses to fight.
  • 16-Bit Post-Apocalyptic Style – A beautifully fleshed-out sci-fi world, rendered in detailed pixel art and backed by fiery frequency modulation-synthesized tunes.
  • Unique Zipline Action – A new twist on classic grappling-hook mechanics, opening up fun movement possibilities.
  • Classic Structure – No aimless wandering, straight-line corridors, or design-by-algorithm. Just hand-crafted stage-based action.

Steel Assault was first announced five years ago. And since then, the industry has seen a resurgence in action-platformers and run and gun shooters. The original Kickstarter pitch was for a NES-style game. But the art design has shifted to more of a latter-day 16-bit/32-bit style to update things a lot. This genre had some real heavy hitters in the 16-bit days. But not many in the 32-bit era, and other modern games like Blazing Chrome have aimed to answer the question of what a Contra-style game would look like with Saturn-level horsepower behind it.

The game blends not only fast-paced run and gun action. But also a bit of Bionic Commando with a zipline alongside a touch of Strider with a short-range whip that does quick damage. While a Castlevania comparison may seem more apt, the nature of the weapon is something you use swiftly to deal out damage changes the pacing of how you would use it in a Vania game. Today’s new trailer showcases more of the game’s action and enemies, alongside its 2020 release window. Steel Assault looks promising, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on it as its Steam release draws near. Zenovia will be officially releasing the game for Windows PC in 2020.

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