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SonicFox is Final Kombat 2020’s winner

SonicFox comes out on top in the Final Kombat 2020 tournament after defeating NinjaKilla212

The greatest Mortal Combat 11 tournament Final Kombat 2020 has recently finished. Out of all the participants, Dominique “SonicFox”  McLean had came out top in the tournament, losing only a single set. His success has also been apparent in the past tournaments. SonicFox had previously left five different Majors in the first spot.

Over the recent years, SonicFox had been quite popular in the Fighting Games Community. His successful runs in different tournaments and especially his performance in the Mortal Kombat events had gained him the title to be one of the best FGC players out there. SonicFox’s Final Kombat 2020 World Championship performance was no different the previous ones. He won every game except for a single set on his journey.

SonicFox had quickly made his way to the World Championship event due to his Pro Kompetition ranking. His top spot on the leaderboard led him to join the tournament in the top seed. There were also 15 other participants in the tournament of which he had to go through to reach the first spot.

SonicFox has played several distinct characters in his past runs. He switched to different mains as events went on. He was also playing two different mains Jacqui Briggs and Cassie Cage in a single tournament. However later on, SonicFox started doing three mains in tournaments.

In the Final Kombat 2020, SonicFox started his run with Joker in his first match. With much success, he showed his Joker skills against D2Stabs, finishing the game 3-2. Although their game was a close victory, SonicFox’s performance only got better in the rest of the Mortal Kombat 11 tournament.

Rewind and Kombat

After D2Stabs, he got a quick victory against Curtis “Rewind” McCall with 3-1 finish. Moving forward, SonicFox had faced Zoulfikar “Kombat” Dayekh on his way to the finals. The game was similar to Rewind, he easily moved pass Kombat to the next round at the Final Kombat 2020. Later on, he had a surprising opponent on his way. He faced NinjaKilla212 in the semi-finals.

NinjaKilla212 was a fresh talent in the FGC professional scene. However, despite his newly formed career, he had gathered a great deal of fame in the scene. He had finished two Majors in the first place, defeating some of the top players in the scene. SonicFox was in great disadvantage in terms of their skill differences. This led him to lose against Ninja with his Liu Kang 2-3. The game was also SonicFox’s first loss in the Final Kombat 2020 event. Moreover, his loss caused him to drop out to the losers bracket in the World Championship tournament.

His ultimate opponent in the loser’s bracket finals was Dragon. He had Cetrion against SonicFox’s Joker. Unfortunately, Dragon was largely outmatched in the Grand Finals match. He lost the match 3-1 against SonicFox and, this caused him to finish the tournament in the third place.

NinjaKilla212 vs SonicFox

SonicFox, then moved to face NinjaKilla212 once again on his victory journey at Final Kombat 2020. It was an intense match between two top FGC players. Both sides tried to go for the first hit with no luck. Eventually however, SonicFox successful made the first hit on Ninja, breaking his momentum. His led Ninja to slowly give in the round to SonicFox as the fight between two went on.

In the second game, stakes were even higher than before. The winner of the match would be the ultimate winner of the World Championship tournament. After winning the first round, SonicFox followed a similar strategy in the second round. But this time around, NinjaKilla212 had he upper hand and took down SonicFox’s Joker, making the game 1-1.

The loss didn’t stop SonicFox from winning the game however. As the game went to the decisive round, all of the community’s eyes were on the match between the two giants at the Final Kombat 2020. The winner of the round would take all and this definitely created an intense air in the last round of the game. During their fight, SonicFox successfully used NinjaKilla212’s brief moments on his advantage. With every hit from Joker, Ninja’s health quickly melted down to 0. The game was a victory on SonicFox’s side, giving the title of Final Kombat 2020 World Championship as well.

SonicFox’s first place finish at the tournament means that he will be getting the $40,000 prize money. He also said on his twitter that he was very happy to win both Mortal Kombat 11 tournament and Injustice Pro Season Finale with Joker.

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