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SNK will be releasing 2 Metal Slug games in 2020.

SNK Interactive has revealed that it currently has in development two Metal Slug Games for mobile and console.

With successful revivals of both King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown under its belt, SNK is now turning its sights to another classic franchise: Metal Slug. In a post by SNK’s Korean subsidiary, SNK Interactive, the company announced that it is currently working on two Metal Slug games that will be coming to mobile and consoles in 2020. Metal Slug series was one of the indispensable cooperative action games of arcade halls in the 90s. Over the years, new Metal Slug games have also been moved to modern consoles and mobile devices. Now, SNK is getting ready to add new games to the series after a long wait.

What are the details of the mobile game?

The first one Metal Slug game will launch in 2020 on iOS and Android and its development is 80% complete. This Metal Slug mobile game will mix the usual 2D-scroll run and gun gameplay of the series. With a “card game” system. It’s unclear how it works, but it’s probably some kind of system where cards give you various abilities. Cards being weapons and characters isn’t out of the equation either seeing this is a mobile game. The cards will probably be pullable via a gacha system. One thing for sure is that it’ll be different from ongoing mobile game Metal Slug Attack. Which is more akin to a tower defense game. 

What about the console version?

Next, SNK is also developing a new Metal Slug game on consoles. It will also launch in 2020. Which consoles it’ll release on wasn’t specified. Perhaps it’ll come to PS5 and Xbox One X? The upcoming console game for Metal Slug will reportedly feature the “usual” run-and-gun gameplay fans of the series will be familiar with, though it is unclear if it will remain a 2D experience like previous titles.

SNK Interactive CEO Jeon Se-hwan says that the mobile title will be aiming for a younger demographic. While the console title is for the “30-40-year-old” market. We may not see a return of pixel artwork. But SNK is attempting to cater to exactly what old-school fans want. News of a revival like this would normally be worrisome, but SNK has been on a roll the past few years. King of Fighter XIV may have had a controversial art style, but it was the best iteration of the series since 2002. Last year’s Samurai Shodown was also an absolutely stellar reimagining of the retro fighter that has become quite a hit for the company.

Both games are currently in development at SNK. And reports also seem to suggest that a third Metal Slug game is currently being developed at TiMi studios, a subsidiary of Tencent.  With both games being slated to release in 2020, we’re sure more details regarding gameplay and screen grabs of the game will arrive fairly soon.

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