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Smooya moves to inactive roster in Chaos

Chaos Esports has relegated Smooya to the bench and moved him to the team’s inactive roster due to visa issues.

Chaos Esports have recently told their fans that they had to bench Owen “smooya” Butterfield due to the visa issues. Recently, smooya had talked about how he was out of ESTA days in his current visa program to be able to stay in the United States. He said that he had applied for P1 visa. Unfortunately, even though his appliance for P1 went through, he couldn’t get his visa due to the United Kingdom embassy shutting down in the states. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most embassies had stopped their services in the region. The situation also means that smooya will be going back to the United Kingdom soon.

Chaos Esports will now have to quickly find a replacement in place of smooya. The team is currently playing in the Flashpoint season 1. Chaos will be fighting with Gen.G today in the Group B matches and they need a full roster. This means that they might have to bring Matthew “mCe” Elmore in the active roster briefly. MCe is the coach in Chaos’ roster at the moment. However, he has played in the CS:GO professional scene before joining to the team.

Smooya has been the top player in Chaos Esports’ roster in the past months. Despite him joining the team just two months ago, he excelled in the matches with his top performance. During his time, smooya got 1.32 rating in the CS:GO scene. Chaos will be having a hard time without him playing in their next Flashpoint match.

Team Envy and moose

Team Envy have been going through a similar situation to smooya and Chaos Esports. Kaleb “moose” Jayne in Envy’s roster is currently waiting to receive P1 visa that would allow him to stay in the country for Flashpoint season. In the meantime, team brought Nikola “LEGIJA” Ninić in the active roster until moose comes back.

The matches will continue at Flashpoint season 1 with Copenhagen Flames will be going against MAD Lions in Group A at 3pm CT today. Later on, Chaos Esports with their possible stand in will fight with Gen.G in Group B at 6pm CT.

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