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Shovel Knight’s final two expansions almost here.

Yacht Club Games is set to release Shovel Knight’s final two expansions next week.

At long last, the saga of Shovel Knight will come to an end. Developer Yacht Club Games has announced that the two final expansions for its retro-inspired platformer will be releasing next week, December 10th.

Shovel Knight is getting two expansions to close it out: King of Cards and Showdown. King of Cards is an expansion/sequel of sorts to the main Shovel Knight campaign. It will star boss character King Knight and feature a complete gameplay shift from the platforming roots of the main campaign. King of Cards will serve as a prequel to the main story. Players will play as King Knight, with the goal of defeating the Three Kings and Yacht Club Games has promised that it will feature “more levels, mechanics, secrets, and content than any Shovel Knight game to come before it.” 

Meanwhile, Showdown is a multiplayer spin-off, which offers a competitive take on the Shovel Knight formula, complete will a full story mode and AI bots.

What are the price details?

Shovel Knight Showdown will not be available on 3DS or PS Vita, whereas King of Cards will be made available on all systems. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, which will include all the expansions, will retail for $24.99 on digital platforms. A physical package will be available for $39.99 on Xbox One and Switch December 10, 2019. However, the PS4 physical edition has been pushed to early 2020. This is apparently due to manufacturing issues.

Some more good news though, is that there’s already two other Shovel Knight game in the works. Shovel Knight Dig, which will see Shovel Knight using his shovel for its intended purpose through underground dungeons. However, we won’t be seeing it anytime soon since “it’s got quite a ways to go still,” according to David D’Angelo of Yacht Club Games. The other is Cyber Shadow, which is a retro-styled ninja action game. However, it’s not yet clear when either game will launch.

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