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RNG and Invictus Gaming qualify for ESL One

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) and Invictus Gaming have officially entered the ESL One Los Angeles Major

Valve had recently decided to delay the ESL One Los Angeles Major Qualifiers in China after several concerns raised over coronavirus in the region. Many teams were waiting for the past week to finish up their matches. Fortunately, the qualifiers have recently began again to conclude the qualifying teams for the upcoming ESL One Major. So far, Royal Never Give Up and Invictus Gaming have managed to earn their place in the upcoming ESL One Los Major. But there is still one more place for another team to qualify for the tournament.

There will be some firsts in the upcoming Major for some teams. For example, Royal Never Give Up have never played in a Major Dota 2 event before. Invictus Gaming will also be a very challenging opponent in the event. The team has been building their reputation in the Chinese Dota 2 region as the second best team in the professional scene.

In the ESL One Major closed qualifiers, Invictus Gaming had an almost perfect run. The team only lost to Keen Gaming before the semifinals. After this, they moved on to go against Team Aster and successfully defeated them.

Royal Never Give Up have also made it to the top in the ESL One Closed Qualifiers. This was largely because neither Vici Gaming or PSG.LGD was present in the closed qualifiers. Vici Gaming had announced that they won’t be participating in the ESL One Major Qualifiers in the recent days. PSG.LGD also moved to open qualifiers after their lacking performance at The International.

Last spot at the ESL One Closed Qualifiers

Aster Gaming was a challenging opponent in the ESL One Closed Qualfiiers. The team managed to defeat Royal Never Give Up thanks to their excellent roster. Team captain Du “Monet” Peng and the others in the team’s rosters had an incredible performance against RNG. Now, Aster Gaming will be going against EHOME‘s dota 2 roster for the last spot in the closed qualifiers.

Visa Issues and Coronavirus

The Chinese region have been experiencing problems over coronavirus outbreak in the area. This also added a toll on the Chinese Dota 2 players trying to get visas for the international tournaments. Many of the Chinese players have been waiting more than a month to get a visa to participate esports events. This will make it quite difficult for the qualified teams to attend to the upcoming ESL One Major at Los Angeles. However, the teams will likely prepare stand in players for any possible problems in the ESL One Major.

ESL One Los Angeles Major will be starting in less than a month. The Major will take place on Sunday, March 15.

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