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Riot relocate LEC Summer Split to Berlin

Riot Games officially relocates the 2020 LEC Summer Split to Berlin, dropping the initially planned finals in Sweden

After the increasing health risks in the region, Riot Games have recently told the community that they have decided to drop the LEC Summer Finals in Sweden. They have also announced that they were relocating the regular Summer season to the LEC Studio in Berlin. Previously, the Riot had plans to host the finals season in Malmö, Sweeden. However, the region has been seeing an increase in the COVID-19 cases in the recent days, causing concerns.

Riot Games explained that for the moment they won’t have any staff in the studio when the LEC Summer Split begins. The organisation told that this was due to the pandemic regulations in Germany. They added the teams will continue to play from their homes at LEC Summer season as well.

The organisation told that they will be increasing their staff members in the studio over time. However, Riot Games said that this process will happening over a period of time after summer season takes off. They said that their plan is to return the LEC scene back to its old format. AAnd introduce the press in the scene once again. Despite these plans, Riot told that the public audience in the studio will have to wait for longer to come back. They said that they currently had no plans for when the live audience would be back at LEC.

COVID-19 and esports

There have been numerous esports tournaments either cancelled or postponed in the recent months. In League of Legends professional scene, many organisations including Riot Games had initially dropped out their live audiences from the planned events. Later on, the organisations started to change the format of these tournaments to online in order to protect the health and safety of everyone involved.

Riot Games also told the community that they still haven’t decided on the location of LEC Summer Finals. The organisation said that they have been considering all of their options before announcing their decision. Meanwhile, the regular LEC Summer season will be taking off in a couple of weeks on 12 June.

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