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Rayark Games reveal a Deemo 2 teaser trailer

Developer Rayark Games has announced that a Deemo sequel is in development by releasing new teaser trailer.

Japanese developer Rayark Games of the accessible and fun rhythm game Deemo, have announced a sequel is on the way with a new Deemo 2 teaser.

With Deemo 2 on the way, what is the game’s plot?

The game tells the tale of a young girl’s quest to escape a strange and mystical universe. She enters the strange world from its sky and to return to her world, she must use her piano skills. Thus encouraging a large tree to grow and bring her back from where she came. A mysterious character named Deemo helps her return home, but they are obstructed by a character named the Masked Lady. The ending reveals the true identities of Deemo and the Masked Lady. And the tragic circumstances that brought Alice to this world. Deemo blended its strange fairytale with touch-screen technology thus creating a unique rhythm-action experience as players tapped on-screen notes with their fingers in a pseudo “piano-playing” style. 

When was Deemo first released?

Deemo debuted as an iOS and Android smartphone game in 2013. Rayark Games later released the game on the PlayStation Vita in Japan in 2015 with the title Deemo: Last Recital. PM Studios and Rising Star Games released the game on PS Vita in North America and Europe, respectively, in May 2017. The game also received a release on the Nintendo Switch worldwide in September 2017. Deemo -Reborn-, a new version of the game compatible with VR devices, debuted on November 21.

The latest teaser trailer of Deemo 2 does not indicate what it will be about, though it may follow similar rules about the world. At the end of the teaser we see a young child approaching a building with a tree growing in the background, so it may indeed be a continuation of Deemo.

An announcement on which platforms Deemo II will release on has yet to be revealed. But it’d make sense to launch for the same platforms as its predecessor. The original Deemo can be downloaded now from both the App Store and Google Play. You can sign up for the sequel’s newsletter over on its official site to find out more.

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