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Psyonix with new format for Rocket League

Psyonix officially introduces new format for Rocket League professional scene

About 13 of Rocket League esports teams had voiced their complaint to the developers in recent months. The teams talked about the unfair and problematic mechanics in their letter. Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League, has recently answered these letters from the teams. However, rather than handling the select issues in the letters, the developers introduced a brand new set of rules for the Rocket League professional scene.

Psyonix said that these new set of rules will be called “open circuit”. It will feature three splits in every season. There will also be three regional events in every one of these splits. Developers added that these splits will lead to the bigger scene International Major and World Championship. Pysonix said that the smaller events will grant points for the Rocket League teams. These points will be used to get seeds for the bigger stages such as International Major. The new Rocket League scene has a very similar structure to Valve’s Dota Pro Circuit format. However, Psyonix has introduced more events with each split compared to the DPC schedule.

Meanwhile, Psyonix added that the teams that already have seeds for the upcoming 10th RLCS season will continue to do so in the next six regional events. However, the developers told that these teams will need to follow the previous rules for the roster limitations. Moreover, they will have limited amount of roster changes throughout the upcoming events. Psyonix explained that these will apply to all the current teams taking part in the next two RLCS splits.

RLCS Weekly

The developers said that the new Rocket League weekly series will include all the teams already in RLCS and Rival Series. Different weekly series will also be happening in every split. Psyonix told that they will further explain the new upcoming weekly series in the following weeks.

The developers said that they have been constantly maintaining their connection with the RLCS organisations along some of the important figures in the community. They said that they have listened to their feedbacks and responded accordingly. Psyonix told that they shared the results with the organisations and the community as quickly as they could. Moreover, the developers said that they are still in talks for the upcoming RLCS season. They added that they will share more information about the future developments to everyone in the following weeks.

Despite the key changes in the Rocket League scene, Psyonix failed to respond to some of the main concerns of the teams’ letter from a month ago. However, the developers will hopefully be resolving these points in the future announcements.

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