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Prodeus reveals new Bullets and Blood trailer

Developer Bounding Box Games has revealed a new trailer for it’s upcoming IP but also pushed back it’s release date.

It’s not a bad time for fans of hyper-violent ‘90s FPS games. As there’s a new retro-style FPS in the works from Bounding Box Games called Prodeus. It’s new “Blood and Bullets” trailer features more gameplay, gunplay. And some of the enemies and levels you’ll encounter throughout your playthrough. Lead developers Mike Voeller and Jason Mojica, who met while working at Raven Software, along with publisher Bounding Box Software Inc. hav been hard at work on the title that looks like it comes right out of 1997, which is fantastic.

If you haven’t heard of Prodeus, you can probably accurately expect what the game has to offer by simply watching the trailer above. This once-Kickstarter project doubled its initial funding goal thanks to the promise of old-school graphics with a modern appeal, AAA quality. And, of course, breakneck action. The Steam page even lists “infinite blood” as an art style feature. So we shouldn’t expect a particularly gripping or in-depth storyline as you take control of a hell-bent, corrupted agent.

What is the gameplay like?

Developers Mike Voeller and Jason Mojica say that they’ve reimagined old-school first-person shooters using modern rendering techniques. And, while it sticks to the aesthetics of ‘90s shooters. The aim is for it to otherwise match the quality of their modern descendants. And just looking at the new trailer, they’ve got it right. It covers some of the game’s weapons, including a shotgun, a minigun, and a pump-handle rocket launcher. As well as it’s levels and enemies within the span of just a minute. We also get to see how some of the levels sport various platforming challenges, puzzles. And some pretty cool melee options. The pace of the game is fast and furious. And the art-style looks like a cross between EA’s reboot of Syndicate and DOOM.

In regards to it’s release, the developers in the Kickstarter update recently also revealed that the Early Access release has been delayed to the summer of 2020. The post states, “In order to deliver an amazing game to all of you, who deserve only the best from us. We have decided to push Prodeus’ Early Access release to Summer 2020.” So while its a shame we have to wait to get our hands on this retro game, it’ll probably be even better, if we give the developers time to polish it up a bit more. However, you can wishlist the game right now over on Steam. Or keep an eye on it over on the store page. Prodeus launches later this year for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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