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Prey might be coming to PSVR

According to a recent leak, it seems that Prey may be making it’s way onto PlayStation VR consoles.

Even though Prey 2 was canceled by Bethesda Studios. It seems that there’s still something new in the works for the Prey franchise. A listing for a Prey PSVR version of the game recently appeared, seemingly leaked by a UK store’s website. But of course, was swiftly taken down. Before that, though, the news of the potential announcement spread like wildfire. As fans are now curious to see what this new title or at least a repackaged VR version of the original will entail.

What’s the background behind Prey?

Fans of Prey have been waiting for a new installment to the franchise since the game came out. While Bethesda has released a newer Prey in 2017 that reimagined the world of the original 2006 title of the same name developed by Human Head Studios, they’ve only released DLCs and off-shoot game modes for the franchise. This leaked game could give fans the fresh full-game content they’ve been hoping for. The Prey franchise is no stranger to virtual reality, nor is Bethesda, the company behind it. One of the entries in the Prey series was capable of playing in VR. And Bethesda has released numerous VR versions of its popular games such as Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Doom. 

The PC/PSVR spinoff, called Typhon Hunter, gives players a setting where they can run through VR escape rooms. And play a game mode that takes after the Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt game, where players can turn into inanimate objects. If there is going to be a larger VR title for the Prey franchise, it is more likely that it’s going to be a remake of the original game for the VR space. Rather than a new game, but fans can still dream of a Prey sequel.

How reliable is that Prey PSVR leak?

The site that leaked the info, Shopto is a very credible site. With a 4.6/5 star rating on across over 54,000 reviews. So if it did in fact leak the game, it will likely be in a lot of trouble. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there will definitely be a Prey VR. But it does seem like it would fit rather well. The listing was no longer there very quickly. This either indicates that the leak was simply a mistake made by someone at Shopto (the website). Or that it was information that wasn’t to be out yet.

If it is indeed true though, then with this info on the loose, Bethesda may be pressed to announce the game sooner than originally planned. So fans should keep an eye out for more news about a potential Prey VR. Prey is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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