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Penguin-Kun Wars officially launches on Switch

Hamster Co’s Arcade Archives brings back the arcade retro classic Penguin-Kun Wars to Nintendo Switch.

HAMSTER Co. has announced the newest game in its Arcade Archives series, Penguin-Kun Wars which is now available to download on Nintendo Switch. This is a port of the 1985 arcade classic from UPL, the developer of great games like Bio-ship Paladin and Atomic Robo-kid. The company went bankrupt in 1992, but their games are still classics worth playing today.

Released in arcades back in 1985, before seeing ports and variants on NES, Game Boy, and various home computers, Penguin-Kun Wars isn’t quite the arctic apocalypse you might expect. More a skill-based/sports title, players choose one of five animals, then battle it out against the others in a head-to-head ball-rolling contest. The video below, from YouTuber ShiryuGL, should give you a better idea of the action.

Penguin-Kun Wars Gameplay:

Players control one of several cute animals, and the goal is to roll a ball across a table to the opponent’s side. Once you get ten balls to their side, you win. There are five different animals that players can choose from. These include a cow, rabbit, bat, rat, and the titular penguin. Surprisingly each animal plays slightly different. With some being faster to move than others or recovering from being knocked down more quickly. Balls can bounce off each other and the walls, as well as striking the opponent to stun them temporarily. If a 60-second time limit expires, the player with the highest score wins.

Penguin-Kun Wars is a very simplistic title, with basic gameplay, but it’s still a classic and can be a lot of fun. It’s a cute and colourful title. And it’s popular enough that a modern remake was released on the Nintendo Switch last summer. But for those who wanted a faithful port of the original HAMSTER Co. has you covered. 

Arcade Archives PenguinKun Wars‘ launch for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch was on January 9th and January 2nd, respectively. This retro title is available to download on Nintendo Switch now, priced at around $8 and it does feature 2-player support.

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