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Paper Beast is coming to PC this summer.

Developer Pixel Reef has announced that Paper beast will available on PC VR headsets via Steam this summer.

Gamers that love to let their creativity run wild will soon be able to do so, quite literally. The new trailer for Paper Beast has confirmed the VR title is coming to Steam this summer. The game will be releasing the VR experience Paper Beast on PC VR headsets including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Steam’s Valve Index VR. Paper Beast originally released on PlayStation 4, but developer Pixel Reef is clearly looking to reach new audiences. The game comes from indie designer Eric Chahi, who also created Another World. The announcement came alongside a brand new trailer to confirm this release.

What’s the game about?

For those unfamiliar with the game, Paper Beast isn’t a ‘game’ in a traditional sense, but rather an immersive, interactive story told through the physics-based environment. The inspiring VR game that allows players to create and manipulate the world around them. The game takes place in an odd wasteland, full of origami-shaped beasts of various species. Most of them are recognizable, but others are a bit odd. The same goes for the plant species and strange items that stand out as well. Surreal creatures lumber around and go about their origami lives as you see the world unfold before you, presented in both a story mode and sandbox mode for infinite exploration.

At its core, Paper Beast could be described as a puzzle-solving adventure, but it’s genuinely more than that. The game places an artistic emphasis on observing the world in its natural state. It’s like nature watching, but in a different dimension. Everything is wonderful in its natural state, and that’s the catch. Players must consider how various organisms can help them achieve their own goals.

What new features can we expect from the PC port?

The PC VR version of Paper Beast will make some important improvements over the original PSVR version. Pixel Reef says the PC version of the game will see some new features including continuous move support, upgraded visuals, gameplay tweaks, an expanded sandbox mode, more animals, plants as well as items. “The initial reaction to the PlayStation 4 version by both the fans and the critics was beyond what we could have imagined, so we really can’t wait to make the game available for VR players on PC,” says Chahi. “Besides, we had a really fun time going back into development and adding a bunch of cool new surprises to this version of Paper Beast.”

Pixel Reef will launch a demo for Paper Beast on Steam as part of the Summer Game Fest. Steam pricing for Paper Beast is still not available, but it’s currently going for $30 on the PlayStation Store. A Paper Beast Steam page is already live so users on that platform can wishlist the game.

You can also test the PC version during the upcoming Steam Summer Festival since a demo version of Paper Beast will be available for a few days. This campaign is currently running from June 16 until June 22, which should give you plenty of time to get an idea of what this adventure is all about.

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