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Pac-Man Live Studio coming to Twitch

Bandai Namco & Amazon Games reveal that Twitch will soon have Pac-Man Live Studio playable on it’s platform for free.

This year marks the 40th anniversary since Pac-Man launched and stormed the video game world. To celebrate the 40th anniversary Bandai Namco has announced Pac-Man is officially getting his own Twitch channel. But rather than just stream Pac-Man gameplay, viewers will be able to play a new type of co-op game. Pac-Man Live Studio, for free directly in the live Twitch channel. Bandai Namco and Amazon Games recently made the announcement. It will now be a playable game on Twitch starting this June. The game will be perfect for sharing and interaction between streamers and viewers. Or just friends teaming up from different locations. 

Twitch is well-known as a destination to watch video games, and it has played host to a number of interactive creator-led streams, such as the Twitch Plays Pokémon. But Pac-Man Live Studio will be the first game that’s built directly into the platform. That raises the intriguing possibility that other games could be built into Twitch in the future. Turning it a place to watch and play games. To play the Twitch version of the game, you’ll just need to navigate to the dedicated Twitch channel for the game when it goes live. Though you’ll only be able to play it on a web browser. This also means that players will not have to download anything.

The game will enable up to four people to play simultaneously. Each person controls a Pac-Man with one life each. But if just one of the four players makes it through the end of the maze, everyone progresses to the next level. Your team will compete against others for a high-score, so try to survive for as long as possible.

What new features can we expect?

The announcement also describes four modes coming within the game. An Endless mode that allows you and friends to team up. And try to progress through as many levels as you can — as long as one person survives, everyone keeps going. A custom Maze Creator will encourage players to make maps. And vote up the most popular ones, and Classic mode lets you take on everyone in the world in a battle to stay atop the leaderboard. Here’s the official full breakdown of all four modes coming to Pac-Man Live Studio in June:

  • Studio Mode – Create and share your own maze creations. The most popular mazes will be more visible on the global charts. Giving you the chance to be a top creator!
  • Endless Mode – Up to four people play simultaneously with just one life per level. Working together to achieve the highest combined global ranking while competing against each other for the bragging rights of most points scored on the team.
  • Select Mode – Up to four players team up cooperatively to achieve the max score on any community-generated maze; you might even find mazes created by your favorite streamer!
  • Classic Mode – Travel back to 1980 and experience the original PAC-MAN game.

There are also rumors that Amazon is preparing its own Stadia-like cloud gaming service. One that will have an integration with Twitch. Potentially meaning that you could someday be able to play games more graphically intensive than Pac-Man right from a Twitch channel. Details are still sparse regarding an exact release date. However, Pac-Man Live Studio will be released exclusively on Twitch, sometime in June.

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