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Nintendo to bring more of The 3DS series to the Switch

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo will be bringing back the 3DS games to the Switch. After the release of the Nintendo Switch in early 2017, the 3DS slowly but surely was on the steady decline. However, just because a console is done and dusted, doesn’t mean it’s games must follow suit. Ever since the Nintendo Switch Lite came out earlier this year, the handheld has had another commanding stream of success. 

The new handheld’s sales figures are proof that it’s a hit with consumers. Nintendo recently reported in its quarterly earnings showing that the ‘Lite’ sold nearly two million units during its first 11 days on the market. The slim, light design of the Lite is was made firmly for those who aren’t interested in the original Switch’s larger screen. It’s much more comfortable to use all while boasting the same performance. This is perhaps what makes it the perfect handheld portable experience.

New Games for Nintendo Switch Lite

According to Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki, the 3DS will continue to live on. As he reports, that Nintendo plans on bringing more 3DS games to the Switch hardware to emphasize the Nintendo switch Lite’s “appeal.”. It’s only natural that Nintendo seeks to capitalise on the Lite’s success by bringing more games to boost it’s value.

By bringing more new 3DS re-releases, this will certainly be a good way to keep Switch software sales strong. From games such as ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ & ‘Animal Crossing’, there’s an array of games we’re excited to see on Switch. So, it’s super exciting to hear that even more nintendo Switch games are on the way for nintendo switch lite.

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