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New Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV opening

Koei Tecmo has released a new opening cinematic for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV ahead of it’s launch.

Koei Tecmo’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is launching in Japan soon and the company has shared the opening cinematic ahead of its release. 

Many aren’t quite as familiar with Koei Tecmo has long-running historical strategy simulation series the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series as Dynasty Warriors. Having seen numerous releases since the original in 1985, Koei Tecmo has practically carved out an entire genre with these games. Eschewing typical action elements for a more grand strategy approach, it’s safe compare these games to classic RTS titles than anything modern. The previous installment in the series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, released in 2016 on PC and PS4. Ports to other consoles came after, but not in western territories. Many assumed Koei Tecmo was done with trying to push this series in the US, but XIV shows otherwise.

What are the gameplay mechanics?

At launch, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV will have over 1,000 officers in the game. Whether it’s leading an army as the redoubtable Guan Yu or Lu Bu. Or employing trickery as the wily Zhuge Liang or Sima Yi. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV promises to have a diverse cast of characters. The create-an-officer feature, which has been around in several games, also makes its return. In the new entry, officers will have their own set of traits such as:

  • Insightful and Recruiter – help you find useful characters
  • Duelist and Vigorous – gain the upper hand when dueling your foes
  • Divination – prevents natural disasters like plagues or locust swarms
  • Abundant Harvest – increases your food supply gains
  • There are also attitudes such as Reckless and Irritable which bolster your officer’s battle prowess, but they become harder to control.

In RTK 14, you can add your customized character to the roster thereby choosing the perfect traits to help you build and manage your empire. You can also choose the type of troop formations that your officers prefer. This will aid you whenever you’re planning ahead for battle. Players may not see tons of action in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. But that doesn’t make it any less engaging.

Likewise, officers/faction leaders that control more settlements are given “Royal Ranks” by the Han Dynasty’s court. Higher ranks allow you to issue more commands during diplomacy or access optional tactics for your troops. Another example, such as attaining the rank of “Duke,” lets you set province-wide targets for attacks and district-wide targets for campaigns. This lets you develop a macro-style of strategizing as opposed to issuing commands to one unit of troops at a time.

When does the game release?

For those in Japan, you’ll be able to grab XIV on January 16, 2020. Western audiences will get a chance to play it on February 28, 2020. You can now pre-order it via Steam. Although the store page states the game releases in January, English language won’t be in it until the February launch date. Also, those who pre-order or buy the game within two weeks of launch also receive the “Battle of Yiling” scenario.  This scenario depicts an all-out war between the kingdoms of Shu and Wu.

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