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New Resident Evil 3 (RE3): Remake Images Leak

New leak confirms that Resident Evil 3: Remake is currently in the works.

Recent rumors claim that Capcom is working on a Resident Evil 3 (RE3) Remake for 2020. And now, that rumor seems confirmed by some new artwork that just appeared on Sony’s PlayStation Network. The leaked images are the cover art for the various versions of a new Resident Evil 3 (RE3) remake. The main highlight being the horrific nightmare creature that stalks heroine Jill Valentine across what’s left of Raccoon City.

The cover also shows off new character models for heroes Jill Valentine & Carlos Oliveira. The artwork was found on Gamstat, which highlights changes to titles on PlayStation Network. The last two Resident Evil releases in particular have been genuinely scary and challenging. With Resident Evil 2 remaining a masterclass in how to remake a game. It was one of the best games of this year, keeping the tense, ammo-hoarding survival horror of the original intact.

How soon can we expect it to release?

The RE2 Remake came out about 6-7 months after the first footage was revealed at E3. So, it might not be too long until we see RE3. Moreover, the original versions of RE 2 & 3 were released about a year-and-a-half from each other. We can only hope they intend to replicate that trend as well. 

Also, it’s a safe bet that we’re going to see something very similar to what we saw with Resident Evil 2. A fairly faithful remake in the same engine. With the camera swung around over the player’s shoulder to give us a properly 2020 look at the remade environments. While also switching up the combat for something less clunky.

According to Gamstat’s leak, there will be two RE3 Remake editions, at least on PS4. Although it’s not clear what the differences will be. Capcom hasn’t yet acknowledged the leak, and probably won’t until it’s ready to unveil the trailer. So while there’s no guarantee, these leaks only reinforce existing rumours that Capcom is going to announce it at The Game Awards on 13 December. With a presumable release sometime next year. 

Either way, expect Capcom to make some Resident Evil announcements soon.

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