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New Batman project teased by WB Montreal

Developer WB Montreal officially releases mysterious teaser logos of the new upcoming Batman project.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from WB Montreal, the developer behind the esteemed Batman Arkham trilogy of games. However, it seems WB Montreal is currently building up some kind of big logo reveal, based on its latest cryptic posts. You can see half the logo on the studio’s Facebook page while the rest of it has been uploaded to the studio’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. The caption on the original WB Montreal posts reads, “Cape sur la nuit,” which translates from French to English as “Capture the Knight.”

Twitter account @ArkhamVideos has stitched them together to create what it believes the full image will be:

What does the symbol reference?

As can be seen when putting all three images together, the logo is white and circular, with an eagle’s head at the top, wings coming down the side. And in the middle are eagle talons, a crown, a set of scales, and crossed swords. There’s also the shape of a city, potentially Gotham. All of this has now got people wondering what the teaser might mean. It could be a symbol for the Gotham City Police Department. Since one could easily see it as a crest that symbolizes justice.

Moreover, fans have long speculated this next game will center on the Court of Owls. They are a shadowy Illuminati-like organization that brokers power in Gotham. And who kidnap children and train them to become assassins known as Talons. The Court of Owls is one of Batman’s more recent villains in the comic books, being introduced in 2011. And more recently becoming known as the Parliament of Owls.

Incidentally, on the very same day that was posted, Scott Snider, writer of the Batman comics, tweeted a response to Warner Bros. celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary that reads ” #bewarethecourtofowls,” which he later deleted. However still, the eagle crest on the logo kind of throws a wrench in that theory. But  either way, it’s too early to tell without an official reveal.

So, will it be a follow-up or a new entry?

Since, the posts went up people took to social media themselves to talk about the symbol and beg WB Games Montreal to finally unveil their project. Meanwhile, the company had no comment on the image nor any kind of announcement as to what it’s working on. It’s suggested that the new WB Montreal game could be a follow up on 2015’s Arkham Knight, a game that received mostly positive reviews. In Arkham Knight, Bruce Wayne seemingly hang up the cape and cowl, its ambiguous ending alongside Warner Bros. Montreal’s new teasers has led fans to believe that a new installment in the Batman: Arkham Asylum series is on the way. But the latest teaser has already sparked off a debate on Twitter. 

Either way, we can hope for more announcements in the weeks and months to come. Arkham Knight’s announcement was in March 2014. So, maybe a March release is on the cards as well for this newest title?

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