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mousesports crowned champions at ICE Challenge

Na’Vi loses championship to mousesports at ICE Challenge after an intense fight that ended with 3-1 loss.

The last match at ICE Challenge 2020 has recently finished with one team leaving victorious at the event. The final match was between Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) and mousesports. Although the pressure was intense on both sides, mousesports left the match as ICE champions with a 3-1 victory.

The grand finals at ICE Challenge was played in best of five fashion between two CS:GO teams. Before the game started, mousesports had made a small adjustment in their CS:GO roster. The team switched their AWPer Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács with Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy. However, this gave an advantage to mousesports roster as Perfecto was less experienced in the scene than GuardiaN.

Mousesports won the first two maps, Dust II and Inferno with 16-14 and 16-8 scores respectively. In the third map, Natus Vincere’s roster managed to take on the other team and finished Train with 16-11 score. However, at the last match mousesports came back with full performance and took over Nuke with 16-9, leading up to the ICE Challenge championship.

One interesting highlight during the grand final match between two teams was during the third map. Mousesports had lost against Natus Vincere’s roster, but the team also had one of the top performances in the roster. In one of the rounds, Chris “chrisJ” de Jong managed to take on five of the Natus Vincere’s roster all by himself.

Mousesports also had Robin “ropz” Kool whom took down the most number of people on the other side. However, Natus Vincere had the best player at the grand finals match. Denis “electronic” Sharipov on their roster had the best overall score with 101.2 ADR and 90 kills. In the end, mousesports were crowned ICE champions.

Natus Vincere (NA’VI)

Mousesports 2019

Mousesports have so far had a great run in the professional CS:GO scene. The team has won three tournaments last year. Their latest success was at ESL Pro League season 10 just two months ago. Mousesports team captain Finn “karrigan” Andersen has also been performing great on the scene. At the current rate, the team even has the potantial to dethrone Astralis from their top spot at HLTV CS:GO rankings.

Mousesports will now be training for the upcoming IEM Katowice on Tuesday, 25 February. Meanwhile, Natus Vincere’s roster will be reappearing at BLAST Spring Series in a few days.

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