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Meteos is back to LCS by rejoining the 100 Thieves

Meteos starts his LCS Jungler by rejoining the 100 Thieves

The veteran jungler William Hartman simply known as “Meteos” is making a return. The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) is coming. He is on his way to be rejoining the 100 Thieves as the LCS season of approaches. 

We already saw how the 100 Thieves teased his homecoming various times, especially with a parody of a meme. Eventually, that marked the announcing of the signing through the Twitter account. As for Meteos, he will be the starting jungler of the team this time as 100 Thieves general manager Christopher “PapaSmithy” Smith specifies.

His return is quite surprising. Given the fact that he stated that he wasn’t interested in playing in the Academy League. He joined and stayed for the complete season with OpTic Gaming. Now after his homecoming it almost seems like a completely new start. As Meteos specified in the Twitter video that his start with 100 Thieves feels like a fresh beginning. And he also seems to move on the incident of getting traded by the team before 16 months. 

Meteos is pretty much experienced as he’s been around the LCS for quite a long period. He clearly knows his way around. Even though being famous for his lengthy stint with Cloud9, he still played various time differently. Since then he has also played for Phoenix 1, Academy League team FlyQuest and the OpTic Gaming as well. And not to mention his incredible performance for 100 Thieves too. 

The departure of Meteos from the 100 Thieves in middle of the 2018 Summer Split was as much vague at that time as it was shocking. Since 100 Thieves was on fire during that period. Not to mention the team also had moved onto the top place in the league. Not to mention, the team was at the top only a few hours before Meteos announced about his trading to FlyQuest. As we know that FlyQuest was a team that didn’t even plan to start Meteos.

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