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Marvel’s Zed comic series revealed by Riot Games

The first issue of the Zed Comic series has been revealed by Riot Games

The much-awaited Zed comic series, which the Riot Games teased some time ago earlier this month. They provided a little sneak peek of its alliance with Marvel. Yes, after their cooperation with Marvel on the Master of Shadows, the first of all of the six issues had finally arrived.

The comic subsequently follow Zed, who was formerly recognized as Govos. The comics follow him as he tries to defend Ionia, which is his homeland. As far as we know that the firs Issue implicates a tiny bit of everything. This includes various flashbacks and reunions, it also includes death and unhinged murderers as well as the other components of the plot as well. Of course, you can definitely read the full comic on the Riot’s Universal page.

The initiation of Riot Games’s Zed story itself is so ironic. As it begins with Zed admiring his former Master Kusho’s statue. He killed his Master despite being raised and trained in his every skill by that same Astonishing Leader of the Kinkou Order, after some time, Zed duels his master’s nephew whose name is Althon. Meanwhile, Kayn and the rest of the band of the stealthy Assassins are observing from the sidelines. The Master of Shadows makes dead flesh of Althon, while proudly claiming what he was never worthy of his master’s equal.

We see a flashback afterwards, which further uncloaks the complicated relationship of Zed with his Master Kusho. Afterwards, Jhin invades the Kotha village and attacks it. Zed had to nurse the wounded back to health. Meanwhile, he had no choice but to leave the fatally wounded ones to die.

The Engaging Theme

Later on, we see how Kusho is impressed with Govos. So impressed that he chooses him as he’s an orphan to succeed him as the Eye of Twilight when his time comes to leave his authority. He even ignored his own son, Shen and held his hopes onto this orphan child.

As soon as the news of Althon’s death reaches Akali, she gives this news to Shen as soon as she was able to. Shen meanwhile, seems to want to avoid any confrontation that acts as a core surrounding revenge and passion. Akali refused to listen and invites Shen to join her. She wants him to accompany her to end Zed’s life once and for all. Still, the Riot Games issue ends with Zed and the rest of his stealthy band to be lured back to Kotha once again by Jhin.

As much as we saw Zed as a very classy person throughout the story. Still, we see the word “peasant” is brought up repeatedly in a disrespectful manner as fashion. We witnessed this too when Alton called him a “peasant” too. He had a peasant name before he was ascended to Usan by his master. Also, Zedstates “He doesn’t duel with peasants” when he was being lured to confront Jhin. The evolution of Zed from a so-called Peasant to a classy leader is quite an eye-catching theme. A theme so interesting to explore in upcoming issues ahead and to keep the audience engaged within as well.

The already much-hyped second issue titled”Reunion” of Zed by Riot Games will be releasing on 18th of December. The issue may hint at Shen and Zed reuniting together to confront Virtuoso and eventually best him.

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