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Mario Kart Tour reveals new Ice Tour update

Mario Kart Tour kicks off the new year with a new Ice Tour update set to run till the end of January.

With the New Year well and truly begun, Mario Kart Tour has ended its themed tour. And swiftly moved onto something more suitable for the winter season: an Ice Tour.  The latest update for the iOS and Android game will last for two weeks running until January 29. The new tour has revealed a new trailer. And with it comes new Gold pass rewards, costumes, karts, courses and power-ups. The trailer also includes, spotlight moments for Penguin Luigi, Wintertime Peach, as well as an Ice Mario feature.

In the trailer, we see Princess Peach gains an overcoat and hat to go with her new kart’s fairytale theme, the spotlight combination for the Ice Tour’s first week. Mario’s green-clad brother Luigi dons a penguin costume and crash helmet combination, popping himself into an ice-blue Poltergust machine for week two. Meanwhile, Mario himself looks cooler than ever thanks to a translucent transformation; Gold Pass subscribers can access a classic open-wheeled racer, the Black B Dasher. Interestingly, both Penguin Luigi and Ice Mario bring a brand new item with them that only they can use – the Ice Flower. It functions exactly like the Fire Flower, except it apparently can freeze opponents and send them sliding across the track. 

What else is coming the new update?

Also arriving as part of the update is the notorious “Frappe Snowland” course from Mario Kart 64. It’s pretty simple in terms of course layout and appearance, although it has an infamous reputation among some players for being easy to exploit. Speedrunners have managed to clear a single lap in less than 10 seconds. However, it’s unlikely that these exploits will be on the Mario Kart Tour. Several new karts and gliders have also been thrown into the mix. The newest kart is the Gilded Prancer, and those who have a soft spot for gliders can try for the Blizzard Parasol during the tour.

We should point out that players will have to rack up the Itchy and Scratchy money to purchase these items through the Pipe. It’s the game’s mechanic where players can spend rubies to unlock a random character, kart, or glider. However, outside of scoring them through the “pipe” system, the only guaranteed way of bagging all items is through the outright purchase of the $40 Ice Mario pack.

The game had it’s initial release in September 2019. By early December “Mario Kart Tour” was Apple’s most-downloaded game of the entire year. It accumulated an estimated $31m USD over the course of October per industry tracker SensorTower.

The “Mario Kart Tour” Ice Tour lasts from January 15 to January 29. Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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