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Malik Forté won’t be hosting for 2020 Overwatch

Malik Forté will not be returning to host the Overwatch 2020 season

Malik” Forté has recently given the saddening news to its fans. He announced on his twitter that he won’t be returning to Overwatch league in 2020 as a host. He didn’t give any detailed explanations about his decision yet.

What is his Overwatch background?

Malik has appeared in the Overwatch scene in various positions in the past three years. He began his journey as a reporter at 2016 Overwatch Open. After a year as a reporter, he moved on to become a stage host at Overwatch Inaugural season. He was a stage host for two of the Inaugural seasons that year. Later on he worked as a host at the 2018 Overwatch World Cup and 2019 Overwatch season. Before his career as a host took off in Overwatch professional scene, Malik has been making videos on Youtube, while also working as an editor at Nerdist.

Malik Forté has gathered a lot of fans in the Overwatch community during his time on the league desk. His positive attitude combined with him hyping the viewers was always welcomed at the events.

There has been several names that dropped out from upcoming Overwatch season in the recent weeks. Malik marks the latest name to leave the league before it begins. Another caster, Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat has announced today that he won’t be casting in the 2020 Overwatch league. A week ago, famous casting partners Erik “DoA” Lonnquist and Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles also told their fans that they were going to seek their options outside the Overwatch league.

Yet another host, Chris Puckett left the Overwatch league earlier this month for personal reasons. Malik and Puckett were two of the full time hosts in the league. The Overwatch community will surely miss their presence in the league. However, their departure also means that the Overwatch League will now be needing fresh talents to fill in the spots for the hosts before the 2020 season. First day of the upcoming Overwatch season will be taking place at Dallas and New York on Saturday, 8 February.

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