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LoL Pro “Amazing” exits 100 Thieves roster.

Amazing leaves 100 Thieves To Consider His Options for the new season.

The League of Legends pro Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider is the latest member of 100 thieves to leave the team following the departure of the Neil “pr0lly” Hammad. The German’s time at 100 Thieves did not go as many would have expected.

The team had a good 2018 season when they finish top in the regular season of the 2018 Spring Splint season. Their performances steeply decline in 209 as Pr0lly was not able to inspire and blend the team like last season. It could be argued that big adjustments in their rooster contributed to their struggle.

Amazing was signed to 100 thieves in May of this year and his time at the aptly described how underwhelming they have been at the LCS Summer split. Amazing had a fairly okay stint despite the team struggle.

What were his performance stats?

Overall, Amazing’s performance was fairly okay as he had a few amazing performances. He accumulated a respectable 3.0KDA using a tanky team fighter that could keep up with his carry. He had another impressive score of 5 – 2 on the champion in his Sejuani Play with a 5.69 KDA.

Amazing hopes to try his luck in a free agency next season. As the pro seeks to redeem himself into the LCS spotlight. And according to Amazing, 100 Thieves gave him the blessing to try new things for the next season. He admitted to having a good time with them despite the team struggling through the season. He has a few words of thanks for the departed Coach of 100 Thieves too.

For 100 Thieves, the coming season will be one to get back on track and the newly appointed Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith, The former LCK Caster will make sure of that by freshening up their League program.

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