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LCS Spring Finals to go online over Covid-19

Riot Games announces that the 2020 LCS Spring Finals will now be played online due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In the recent weeks, Riot Games had either dropped or postponed many of the championship series this year. These changes were due to the coronavirus pandemic causing health and safety concerns for everyone involved in the series. However later on, most of seasons started to switch to online matches. This allowed the series to continue after weeks of delay. Today, Riot has told the community that this year’s LCS Spring Finals would also go online. In the recent weeks the organisation had changed the location of the finals to Los Angeles for health concerns. This also led to questions as to how it would affect the finals season.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Riot Games has said that similar to the LCS Spring Split regular season and the playoffs the LCS Spring Finals would be online. The organisation also added that the finals would still take off on Saturday, 18 April and would go on until Sunday, 19 April.

Covid-19 in United States

The coronavirus has been spreading very quickly in the United States. The outbreak has already affected many of the regions, forcing states to take extreme measures. The state of California also confirmed that there were over 2,000 infected individuals and 50 deaths from Covid-19. Los Angeles County reported that they had 11 deaths and 662 infected in the area as well.

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, Riot Games also took the necessary steps to protect their staff, teams and their players, and the fans. Now including the LCS Spring Finals, all the championship series were switched to online format. The organisation has stated that it was their upmost priority to keep the safety and health of everyone involved in the scene.

Despite the online LCS Spring Finals, Riot Games has yet to explain the further details of the finals season. The new format of the series will likely result in other changes besides the players joining the season from their homes. Normally, the public audience at the finals would also accompany the teams. However, Twitch audience might take the place of the previous public with this format change.

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