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Last of Us: Part 2 demo heading to Pax East 2020

Naughty Dog is bringing a Last of Us Part 2 demo to Pax East 2020. Also re-releasing the Ellie Edition & dropping a new dynamic theme.

The Last of Us: Part 2 has entered its “final stretch of production”, according to developer Naughty Dog. The highly anticipated sequel was actually due to release in just a couple of weeks. As per its original 21st February release date, but back in October of last year, it was hit with a delay. Fortunately, it sounds like the game’s definitely going to be ready for launch on the 29th May. On top of which, a new Last of Us: Part 2 demo is coming to Pax East 2020.

What does the studio have to say?

In a brief development update, Naughty Dog writes: “We are thrilled to say that we’ve entered the final stretch of production. And are putting the finishing touches on The Last of Us: Part II as you read this.” It continues: “The end of development puts us one very large step closer to launch. We know all of you have been so patient over the last few years. So it’s been thrilling to see our game taking on its final shape and knowing that means it will be in your hands soon.”

Alongside the announcement, Naughty Dog announced that Pax East 2020 attendees would be able to try a hands-on demo with The Last of Us: Part 2. The demo, “Patrol”, features an early area of the game. Where Ellie and Dina must venture out of Jackson into the surrounding areas to clear out infected. The demo will span an hour of gameplay and provide just a small glimpse of the full game. Attendees can visit the booth to play the demo, but space there isn’t much available space. So Naughty Dog recommends you fire up the Experience PlayStation mobile app available on Apple Store and Google Play to book an appointment. New slots will be made available each day of the show.

Additionally, the studio has released a free dynamic theme for PS4 owners to redeem from the PlayStation Store. Which focuses on two pieces of key art that have been released by Naughty Dog. The theme features protagonist Ellie in two very different situations. And represents the balance between peaceful life and chaos that has underscored the series thus far. You can download The Last of Us Part II’s Duality dynamic theme by entering a code specific to your region on the PlayStation Store.

What else has Naughty Dog released?

In another good bit of news, the studio also announced the coveted Ellie Edition of the game is back in stock. For those unfamiliar, the Ellie Edition of the upcoming game’s price is $229. And will be one of the many special editions available for The Last of Us 2. However, the Ellie Edition will be the top of the line collector’s edition of the game that is perfect for the most dedicated fan of The Last of Us. Apart from a copy of the game contained in a steelbook case. The Ellie Edition will also include a massive amount of collectible items and exclusive digital content.

It will be available to pre-order in limited quantities at select retailers across US and Canada only starting Thursday, February 13 through Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop,, Target, and EB Games. Additionally, a new 8-inch “Ellie with Machete” polyresin statuette is available for pre-order in limited quantities. Order by March 13 to secure your statue. It will run you $99.99.

The Last of Us 2 releases May 29, 2020, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Last of Us: Part 2 will also be playable with a new demo at PAX East beginning February 27. Which will include about one hour of gameplay.

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