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LaNm moves to Team Sirius from Keen Gaming

Zhang “LaNm” Zhickeng has recently announced his leave from Keen Gaming. He had signed with the team about three months ago, and he coached during Obao Elite minor and China Dota 2 Pro season 1. In 2020 Dota 2 season, there has been lack of movement in Keen Gaming’s roster. The barely made any changes in the roster. It seems that this slow pace also caused LaNm to move to Team Sirius.

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LaNm’s signing with Team Sirius, however, wasn’t a surprise. There has been talks going on between Team Sirius and Keen Gaming for the past weeks. Both team’s agreeing on his move allowed him to change teams without any negative impact. Before the move Team Sirius also released team’s coach Kang “121” jinming from the roster to free up a slot for LaNm.

In the Team Sirius Weibo post, the team praised the veteran coach several times. They mentioned the experience LaNm had over the years both as a coach and assistant coach. The team said that this made him a valuable source of knowledge. They finished the post by welcoming the coach to the team.

What was LaNm’s Dota 2 background?

LaNm was playing for Royal Never Give Up in Chinese Dota 2 league in the 2019 season. After team’s success, there were questions about why LaNm would go for a contender team for the 2020 season. Some speculated that he wanted to help beginner teams to grow in the Dota 2 professional scene. However, this turned out to be false as he has now left Keen Gaming for a bigger team.

Signing with Team Sirius will likely benefit LaNm more than Keen Gaming’s roster. In his previous team, he was limited with contender players, but now he will be coaching a roster with at least few years experienced players. This will give him more options during to train the roster before the events. As Team Sirius was expecting him, the team will also likely to offer him even more opportunities with the players.

There were no definite responses from Team Sirius or LaNm as to whether he asked to be transferred to the other team’s roster, or the team asked him from Keen Gaming first. Either way, this will be a good opportunity for Team Sirius in the current Dota 2 season of 2020.

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